William Haines (1900-1973)

William Haines, Silent Movie Actor

William (“Billy”) Haines was born on January 2nd, 1900, in Staunton, Virginia, and he graduated from the Staunton Military Academy, entering a business career as a broker like his father. But he didn’t really like the job, and when a scout from the Goldwyn office saw Billy, and thought that he had the requisite good looks and talent to be an actor, he jumped at the offer of a screen test in Hollywood. In “smart aleck” boy roles he won his way to stardom. Not too many of Billy’s silent films survive in comparison to the number he made, but two of special note that do are “Little Annie Rooney” (1925), with Mary Pickford, and “Show People” (1928) with Marion Davies, a delightful comedy, fondly remembered by silent film fans due to many of the popular silent stars of the time appearing in the film in cameo parts. By the mid-1930’s Billy’s film career was ending, mostly due to animosity between him and M-G-M boss Louis B. Mayer, who didn’t care for the fact that Haines refused to give up or hide his chosen lifestyle (which was always a potential publicity problem for the front office). Billy gave up acting for a private business career, this time as a successful antique dealer and interior decorator. William Haines died of cancer on December 26th, 1973, in Santa Monica, California. ~ Copyright © 2004 www.goldensilents.com

William Haines Silent Films

Speedway (1929) …. Bill Whipple
Man’s Man, A (1929) …. Mel
Duke Steps Out, The (1929) …. Duke
Alias Jimmy Valentine (1928) …. Jimmy Valentine
Show People (1928) …. Billy Boone

William Haines, Silent Movie Star, Tell It To The Marines

William Haines in a photo still from the set of “Tell It To The Marines” (1926)

Excess Baggage (1928) …. Eddie Kane
Telling the World (1928) …. Don Davis
Smart Set, The (1928) …. Tommy
West Point (1928) …. Cadet Brice Wayne
Spring Fever (1927) …. Jack Kelly
Slide, Kelly, Slide (1927) …. Jim Kelly
Little Journey, A (1927) …. George Manning
Tell It to the Marines (1926) …. Pvt. George Robert ‘Skeet’ Burns
Lovey Mary (1926) …. Billy Wiggs
Brown of Harvard (1926) …. Tom Brown
Mike (1926) …. Harlan
Memory Lane (1926) …. Joe Field
Thrill Hunter, The (1926) …. Peter J. Smith
Sally, Irene and Mary (1925) …. Jimmy Dungan
Little Annie Rooney (1925) …. Joe Kelly
Tower of Lies, The (1925) …. August
Fighting the Flames (1925) …. Horatio Manly Jr
Slave of Fashion, A (1925) …. Dick Wayne
Denial, The (1925) …. Lover in flashback
Who Cares (1925) …. Martin
Fool and His Money, A (1925) …. John Smart
Wife of the Centaur, The (1924) …. Edward Converse
So This Is Marriage? (1924)
Circe, the Enchantress (1924) …. William Craig
… aka Circe (1924)
Wine of Youth (1924) …. Hal
Gaiety Girl, The (1924) …. Owen Tudor St. John
Midnight Express, The (1924) …. Jack Oakes
True As Steel (1924) …. Gilbert Morse
Three Weeks (1924) …. Curate
… aka Romance of a Queen, The (1924) (UK)
Three Wise Fools (1923) …. Gordon Schuyler
Souls for Sale (1923) …. Pinkey
Lost and Found on a South Sea Island (1923) …. Extra/Double for House Peters
… aka Captain Blackbird (1923) (USA)
… aka Lost and Found (1923)
… aka Passion of the Sea (1923) (USA)
Brothers Under the Skin (1922) (uncredited) …. Bit Part

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