Thomas Meighan (1879-1936)

Thomas Meighan, Silent Movie Star

To watch Thomas Meighan perform on screen is to experience a pure delight, even from the distance of eight decades. He was a fantastic actor. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on April 9th, 1879, Thomas (“Tommy”) Meighan starred on Broadway before turning to films in 1914. With handsome and rugged Irish features, and a strong air of pure masculinity, Tommy Meighan became one of the top male stars of the silent screen era. Well liked and trusted in the industry, he starred with many of the leading ladies of the silent period, including Mary Pickford, Norma Talmadge, and Gloria Swanson. Some notable films for Meighan were “The Forbidden City” (1918) opposite Norma Talmadge, “M’Liss” (1918) opposite Mary Pickford, “The Miracle Man” (1919), opposite Betty Compson, “Male and Female” (1919) and “Why Change Your Wife?” (1920), both opposite Gloria Swanson, and “Manslaughter” (1922), opposite Leatrice Joy. He also performed starring roles in the sound era, including “Peck’s Bad Boy” (1934), with young Jackie Cooper. Thomas Meighan was married once, to Frances Ring, sister of well known stage actress Blanche Ring. It was a happy union, lasting until cancer killed Tommy Meighan too soon. He died on July 8th, 1936, and was buried in Great Neck, Long Island.

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Thomas Meighan, colorized Golden Silents

Vintage Bio from “Who’s Who On The Screen” (1920): “Thomas Meighan was born in Pittsburgh, PA, and was educated there. His stage career began when he played a season with Grace George. Following this he played with David Warfield in The Return Of Peter Grimm. His first pictures for the Paramount programme were Mliss, Out Of A Clear Sky, and The Heart Of Wetona. As a co-star in The Miracle Man he attained his greatest success and following the tremendously successful run of this picture he was made a star by the Famous Players-Lasky Company, making Male And Female and Dont Change Your Wife. He is six feet high, weighs a hundred and seventy pounds and has black hair and brown eyes.”

Vintage Bio from “Stars Of The Photoplay” (1930): “Rated one of the screen’s most popular stars, Thomas Meighan owes much of his success to the stage training he enjoyed with such eminent stars as Grace George and David Warfield. He entered the motion picture field in 1914 and later scored a tremendous hit in such pictures as “Male and Female”, “The Miracle Man,” and “Manslaughter.” Thomas Meighan was born in Pittsburgh, PA, April 9th, 1879, has dark wavy hair and blue eyes. He is 6 feet 1, and weighs 180 pounds. Married Frances Ring in 1910.”

To read Thomas Meighan’s 1936 Obituary from The New York Times, please click HERE

Thomas Meighan’s Silent Films

Mating Call, The (1928) …. Leslie Hatton
Racket, The (1928) …. Captain McQuigg
City Gone Wild, The (1927) …. John Phelan
We’re All Gamblers (1927) …. Lucky Sam McCarver

Thomas Meighan and Gloria Swanson in Male and Female (1919)

Butler Crichton (Thomas Meighan) expects Lady Mary (Gloria Swanson)
to give up her shawl for soup in Cecil B. DeMille’s classic “Male and Female” (1919)

Blind Alleys (1927) …. Captain Dan Kirby
Canadian, The (1926) …. Frank Taylor
Tin Gods (1926) …. Roger Drake
Fascinating Youth (1926) …. Guest
New Klondike, The (1926) …. Tom Kelly
Coming Through (1925) …. Tom Blackford
Irish Luck (1925) …. Tom Donahue/Lord Fitzhugh
Man Who Found Himself, The (1925) …. Tom Macauley
Old Home Week (1925) …. Tom Clark

Thomas Meighan

Thomas Meighan comes home from war expecting to see Evelyn Brent, in the
Howard Hughes produced silent film “The Mating Call” (1928, surviving, restored)

Tongues of Flame (1924) …. Henry Harrington
Alaskan, The (1924) …. Alan Holt
Confidence Man, The (1924) …. Dan Corvan
Pied Piper Malone (1924) …. Jack Malone
Woman-Proof (1923) …. Tom Rockwood
Hollywood (1923) …. Cameo appearance
… aka Joligud (1923)
Homeward Bound (1923) …. Jim Bedford
Ne’er-Do-Well, The (1923) …. Kirk Anthony
Back Home and Broke (1922) …. Tom Redding
Man Who Saw Tomorrow, The (1922) …. Burke Hammond
Manslaughter (1922) …. Daniel O’Bannon
If You Believe It, It’s So (1922) …. Chick Harris (a crook)
Our Leading Citizen (1922) …. Daniel Bentley, lawyer
Bachelor Daddy, The (1922) …. Richard Chester
Man Who Paid, The (1922)
Prince There Was, A (1922) …. Charles Edward Martin
Cappy Ricks (1921) …. Matt Peasley
Conquest of Canaan, The (1921) …. Joe Louden
White and Unmarried (1921) …. Billy Kane
City of Silent Men, The (1921) …. Jim Montgomery
Easy Road, The (1921) …. Leonard Fayne
Frontier of the Stars (1921) …. Buck Leslie
Conrad in Quest of His Youth (1920) …. Conrad Warrener
Civilian Clothes (1920) …. Capt. Sam McGinnis
Prince Chap, The (1920) …. William Peyton
Why Change Your Wife? (1920) …. Robert Gordon
Peg o’ My Heart (1919)
Male and Female (1919) …. Crichton
Thunderbolt, The (1919) …. Bruce Corbin
Miracle Man, The (1919) …. Tom Burke
Probation Wife, The (1919) …. Harrison Wade
Heart of Wetona, The (1919) …. John Hardin
Forbidden City, The (1918) …. John Worden
… aka Tale of the Forbidden City, A (1918)
Out of a Clear Sky (1918) …. Robert Lawrence
In Pursuit of Polly (1918) …. Colby Mason
… aka Pursuit of Polly, The (1918)
Heart of the Wilds (1918) …. Sergeant Tom Gellatly
Missing (1918) …. Sir William Farrel
M’Liss (1918) …. Charles Gray
Eve’s Daughter (1918) …. John Norton
Madame Jealousy (1918) …. Valour
Land of Promise, The (1917) …. Frank Taylor
Arms and the Girl (1917) …. Wilfred Ferrers
Mysterious Miss Terry, The (1917) …. Gordon True
Her Better Self (1917) …. Dr. Robert Keith
Silent Partner, The (1917) …. Edward Royle
Sleeping Fires (1917) …. David Gray
Sapho (1917/I) …. Jean Gaussin
Slave Market, The (1917) …. John Barton
Heir to the Hoorah, The (1916) …. Joe Lacy
Storm, The (1916) …. Robert Fielding
Common Ground (1916) …. Judge David Evans
Dupe, The (1916/II) …. Jimmy Regan
Clown, The (1916) …. Dick Ordway
Sowers, The (1916) …. Prince Paul Alexis
Trail of the Lonesome Pine, The (1916) …. Jack Hale
Pudd’nhead Wilson (1916) …. Chambers
Immigrant, The (1915) …. David Harding
Armstrong’s Wife (1915) …. David Armstrong
Secret Sin, The (1915) …. Jack Herron
Blackbirds (1915) …. Jack Doggins\Hon. Nevil Trask
Out of the Darkness (1915) …. Harvey Brooks
Fighting Hope, The (1915) …. Burton Temple
Kindling (1915) …. ‘Honest’ Heine Schultz
Danny Donovan, the Gentleman Cracksman (1914)

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