Richard Arlen (1900-1976)

Richard Arlen, Silent & Sound Film Star

Handsome leading man Richard Arlen was born Cornelius Richard Van Mattemore in Charlottesville, Virginia on September 1st, 1898. During World War One Richard served in the Royal Canadian Flying Corps as a pilot. He began his acting career as an extra in silent movies, and made a big hit in the William Wellman silent movie classic “Wings” (1927), with Clara Bow and Buddy Rogers, the first film to win an Academy Award as Best Picture. He appeared in three more silent films directed by Wellman: “Beggars of Life” (1928), “Ladies of the Mob” (1928), and “The Man I Love” (1929). Later Richard made the shift from silent to talking pictures smoothly. He was one of the early screen’s more familiar suave, masculine faces, playing in many adventure and western films. He was married three times, to Jobyna Ralson, with whom he had a son, Richard Arlen Jr. (who also did some acting), then to Ruth Austin, and finally to his last wife Margaret Kinsella, from 1945 until his death from emphysema on March 28th, 1976, in North Hollywood, California. He had acted in the business right up until the time of his death. What a trooper. ~ Copyright © 2004

Vintage Bio from “Stars Of the Photoplay” (1930): “Lucky was the day that Richard Van Mattemore was hit by a movie company truck. While recuperating in the hospital, studio officials who visited him offered him a chance in pictures. That started his movie career. He is about thirty years old, 5 feet, 11 1/2 inches tall, weighs 155 pounds, has brown hair and blue-grey eyes and hails from Charlottesville, Virginia. During the World War he was with the Royal Flying Corps and was assigned the perilous task of taking new planes up to the front lines. In 1927 he married Jobyna Ralston.”

Richard Arlen’s Silent Films:

Man I Love, The (1929) …. Brooks

Richard Arlen and Mary Brian

Richard with silent movie star actress Mary Brian in “The Man I Love” (1929)

Manhattan Cocktail (1928) …. Fred Tilden
Beggars of Life (1928) …. Jim (The Boy)
Ladies of the Mob (1928) …. Red

Richard Arlen, Silent Movie Star, in Feel My Pulse (1928)

Richard Arlen, looking good enough to restore any woman’s pulse,
in the romantic comedy “Feel My Pulse” (1928)

Feel My Pulse (1928) …. Her Problem
Under the Tonto Rim (1928) …. Edd Denmeade
She’s a Sheik (1927) …. Captain Colton
Figures Don’t Lie (1927) …. Bob Blewe
Sally In Our Alley (1927) …. Jimmie Adams


Buddy Rogers, Clara Bow, and Richard Arlen in “Wings” (1927)

Wings (1927) …. David Armstrong
Blood Ship, The (1927) …. John
Rolled Stockings (1927) …. Ralph Treadway
Old Ironsides (1926) (uncredited) …. Extra
… aka Sons of the Sea (1926) (UK)
You’d Be Surprised (1926) (uncredited) …. Photographer
Padlocked (1926) …. ‘Tubby’ Clark
Behind the Front (1926) …. Percy Brown
Enchanted Hill, The (1926) …. Link Halliwell
Coast of Folly, The (1925) …. Bather
In the Name of Love (1925) …. Dumas Dufrayne
Sally (1925) (uncredited)
Fighting Coward, The (1924) (uncredited)
Vengeance of the Deep (1923) (as Van Mattemore) …. Jean
Quicksands (1923) (uncredited)
Ghost Breaker, The (1922) (uncredited)
Green Temptation, The (1922) (uncredited)
Ladies Must Live (1921) (uncredited)

To learn more about Richard Arlen, visit his profile on The Internet Movie Database


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