Renée Adorée (1898-1933)

Renee Adoree, Silent Film Star

This beautiful mademoiselle, Renée Adorée, was born Jeanne de la Fonte, in Lille, France on September 30th, 1898. Her parents were circus performers, and young Jeanne worked in the circus along with them, riding horses in the show and doing stunts. After a stint in the Folies-Bergères, and trying her hand at some stage work, she made a film in Australia, and knew from then on that a motion picture career was her goal. She went to Hollywood and began her first film, “The Strongest”, in 1920. After a series of bit parts, Renée’s biggest role came when she was cast as Melisande in King Vidor’s classic “The Big Parade” (1925). Her scenes in the film were extraordinary and poignant; as a young French girl saying goodbye to her American soldier sweetheart, played by John Gilbert, as he goes off to battle with his men, she was completely believable and touching. Her acting in the film rocketed her to stardom, and ensured her cinema immortality.

Renée was married and divorced twice, including a marriage to Tom Moore, brother of Owen Moore. After a series of successful silents, including “La Bohème”, (1926), “Mr. Wu” (1927) with Lon Chaney, and “The Show” (1927), Renée faltered in her transition to the sound era, perhaps due to increasingly poor health. She died tragically on October 5th, 1933 of tuberculosis. ~ Copyright © 2004

Vintage Bio from “Stars of the Photoplay” (1930): “Her parents were circus performers and she was born on a circus lot in Lille, France in 1898. She studied in several European countries while traveling with the show. Came to America after the World War and appeared in four plays before starting her picture career. Renee will go down in cinema history as Melisande of “The Big Parade.” She is five feet, 2 inches, weighs 105 and has brown hair and blue eyes. Married Tom Moore in 1921 and divorced him in 1923. In 1927 she married William Gill and and divorced him in 1929.”

Renée Adorée’s Silent Films

Pagan, The (1929) …. Madge
Tide of Empire (1929) …. Josephita Guerrero
Spieler, The (1928) …. Cleo
… aka Spellbinder, The (1928/II) (UK)
Show People (1928) (uncredited) …. Cameo appearance
Mating Call, The (1928) …. Catherine
Michigan Kid, The (1928) …. Rose Morris
Cossacks, The (1928/I) …. Maryana
Forbidden Hours (1928) …. Marie de Floriet
Certain Young Man, A (1928) …. Henriette
Back to God’s Country (1927) …. Renee DeBois
On Ze Boulevard (1927) …. Musette
Mr. Wu (1927) …. Wu Nang Ping
Heaven on Earth (1927) …. Marcelle
Show, The (1927) …. Salome
Flaming Forest, The (1926) …. Jeanne-Marie
Tin Gods (1926) …. Carita
Blarney (1926/II) …. Peggy Nolan
Exquisite Sinner (1926) …. Gypsy Maid
Boheme, La (1926) …. Musette
Blackbird, The (1926) …. Fifi

Renee Adoree and John Gilbert in The Big Parade

Renée Adorée and John Gilbert in the classic war film “The Big Parade”  (1925)

Big Parade, The (1925) …. Melisande
Exchange of Wives (1925) …. Elise Moran
Parisian Nights (1925) …. Marie
Man and Maid (1925) …. Suzette
Excuse Me (1925) …. Francine
Bandolero, The (1924) …. Petra
Defying the Law (1924) …. Lucia Brescia
Man’s Mate, A (1924) …. Wildcat
Women Who Give (1924) …. Becky Keeler
Eternal Struggle, The (1923) …. Andrée Grange
… aka Masters of Women (1923) (USA)
Six-Fifty, The (1923) …. Hester Taylor
Daydreams (1922) (as Renee Adoree) …. The Girl
Mixed Faces (1922) …. Mary Allen Sayre
Monte Cristo (1922) …. Eugénie Danglars, her daughter
… aka Count of Monte Cristo, The (1922)
Honor First (1922) …. Moira Serern
West of Chicago (1922) …. Della Moore
Self-Made Man, A (1922) …. Anita Gray
Made in Heaven (1921) …. Miss Lowry
Strongest, The (1920) …. Claudia
500 Pounds Reward (1918) …. Irene

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