With all the love of her son, Wallace Reid
Christmas 1904
Dedicated to My Mother:
“She who has stood by her two erring boys with the
patience of  Job and the forgiveness of the Saviour”

Mother Love

“As I sit by the rain -lashed window
Looking out on the dreary day,
Thy vision comes before me,
And drives the rain away,
To leave but the glorious sunshine
Of a love so pure and good,
I deserve not, tho’ it is mine
The love of motherhood.”

“That love so great and glorious,
That the waters as they swirled-
Sang, “The hand that rocks the cradle,
Is the hand that rules the world.”
The poets sing of heroes
And martyrs great and good,
But none so pure as thou dear,
With thy love of motherhood”

“And when thou diest, thou wilt leave
Below thee, here on earth,
Two rusty links of a broken chain,
That wither at thy birth.
Then thou wilt wait to greet us,
As we travel the darksome wood
Waiting the while to meet us
With thy love of motherhood”

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