Nils Asther (1897-1981)

Nils Asther, Silent & Sound Film Star

Actor Nils Asther was born on January 17th, 1897 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and raised in Malmö, Sweden. Nils trained for the stage early in life at the Royal Dramatic Theater School, Stockholm. He worked in foreign silent films, including films with Swedish director Mauritz Stiller, and then began his American movie career in Hollywood during the silent movie days, playing intense romantic leads in dozens of films, such as the popular “Our Dancing Daughters” (1928), starring opposite Joan Crawford, “Laugh, Clown, Laugh” (1928), starring with Lon Chaney, and “Wild Orchids” and “The Single Standard” (both 1929), starring opposite Greta Garbo. After the change to talkies, Nils had voice lessons to minimize his accent, and maintained his suave screen presence during the 1930’s and 1940’s, including a lead in Frank Capra’s memorable “The Bitter Tea Of General Yen” (1933), playing a Chinese warlord. In 1935 he went to Britain to make movies after he was blacklisted in Hollywood for breaking a contract. He returned to the States in 1941, but his career never became fully restored to its former glory. Nils was married once, to Vivian Duncan, and had a child with her before their divorce in 1932. By the late 1940’s Nils’ American film career was at a standstill, and he returned to his native Sweden, appearing in television and on the stage there, until his death on October 13th, 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden. ~ Copyright © 2004

Nils Asther’s Silent Films

Single Standard, The (1929) …. Packy Cannon
Wild Orchids (1929) …. Prince De Gace

Greta Garbo and Nils Asther   

Nils Asther with Greta Garbo in “Wild Orchids” and “The Single Standard” (both 1929),
both intriguing, romantic “women’s pictures”

Adrienne Lecouvreur (1928)
Dream of Love (1928) …. Prince Maurice de Saxe
Our Dancing Daughters (1928) …. Norman

Nils Asther with Joan Crawford in “Dream of Love” (1928)

Cardboard Lover, The (1928) …. Andre
… aka Her Cardboard Lover (1928)
Loves of an Actress (1928) …. Raoul
Cossacks, The (1928/I) …. Prince Olenin
Laugh, Clown, Laugh (1928) …. Count Luigi Ravelli
Drei Kuckucksuhren, Die (1928) …. Reginald Ellis
… aka Adventure Mad (1928) (USA)

Nils Asther, Silent & Sound Film Star

Mr. Almost Impossibly Handsome Nils Asther

Blue Danube, The (1928) …. Erich von Statzen
… aka Honour Above All (1928) (UK)
Sorrell and Son (1927) …. Christopher ‘Kit’ Sorrell
Topsy and Eva (1927/I) …. George Shelby
Goldene Schmetterling, Der (1926)
… aka Golden Butterfly, The (1926) (USA: literal English title)
… aka Road to Happiness, The (1926)
Süße Mädel, Das (1926) …. The Prince’s Son
Versunkene Flotte (1926)
Briefe, die ihn nicht erreichten (1925)
Mann seiner Frau, Der (1925)
… aka Her Husband’s Wife (1928) (UK)
Carl XII:s kurir (1924) …. Stanislaus
Norrtullsligan (1923) …. Baby’s Fiance
Vem dömer (1922) …. Apprentice
… aka Love’s Crucible (1922)
… aka Mortal Clay (1922)
Gyurkovicsarna (1920) …. Bandi Gyurkovics
Solen der dræbte (1918)
Himmelskibet, Das (1917)
… aka 400 Million Miles From Earth (1917) (International: informal title English title)
… aka Airship, The (1917) (International: informal title English title)
… aka Fourteen Million Leagues From Earth (1917) (International: informal title English title)
… aka Ship to Heaven, A (1917) (International: informal title English title)
… aka Sky Ship (1917) (International: literal title English title)
… aka Trip to Mars, A (1917) (International: informal title English title)
Vingarne (1916) …. Aspiring actor
… aka The Wings (1916)

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