Monte Blue (1890-1963)

Monte Blue, Silent & Sound Film Star

Born in Indianapolis, Indiana, on January 11th, 1890, Monte Blue was part Cherokee Indian. His father died when he was young, and he was raised in an orphanage. For consolation and a positive outlet in his life, Monte turned to athletics, building his body up to a lithe strength and tenacity, all of which is particularly noticeable in his silent films. Monte worked his way through Purdue University. He worked as both a lumberjack and cowboy before beginning his film career with director D.W. Griffith, who gave Monte a bit part in his classic silent film, “The Birth Of A Nation” (1915). Monte appeared in over 200 movies, most of them action pictures, westerns, and dramas. He was also a screenwriter. He was married three times, to Erma Gladys, to Tova Jansen from 1924 until her death in 1956, and then to Betty Jean Munson from 1959 until his death. He worked through the 1950’s, in bit parts and character parts, until his death from a heart attack in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on February 18th, 1963. ~ Copyright © 2004

Vintage Bio from “Who’s Who On The Screen” (1920): “Monte Blue was born in Indianapolis, and after graduating from Perdue University he spent two years in vaudeville and then was engaged by D. W. Griffith. Later he played with Pathe and Triangle and then went to Artcraft to support Douglas Fairbanks. He also played in support of Mary Pickford and Ethel Clayton and appeared in several DeMille productions. At the outbreak of the war he enlisted in the navy and upon his return Mr. Blue was signed up by Famous Players-Lasky for five years. This splendid young actor always pleases his audiences by his true to life characterizations. He is six feet two inches tall, weighs a hundred and eighty five pounds and has brown hair and eyes. He is particularly adept at all sports.”

To read a vintage bio of Monte scanned from 1924’s “Blue Book Of The Screen” please click HERE (253 kb)

Monte Blue’s Silent Films

From Headquarters (1929) …. Happy Smith
Greyhound Limited, The (1929) …. Monte
Conquest (1928) …. Donald Overton
White Shadows in the South Seas (1928) …. Dr. Matthew Lloyd
Across the Atlantic (1928) …. Hugh Clayton
Brass Knuckles (1927) …. Zac Harrison
One-Round Hogan (1927) …. Robert Emmett Hogan
Bush Leaguer, The (1927) …. Buchanan ‘Specs’ White
Black Diamond Express, The (1927) …. Dan Foster
Brute, The (1927) …. Easy Going Martin Sondes
Bitter Apples (1927) …. John Wyncote
Wolf’s Clothing (1927) …. Barry Baline
Across the Pacific (1926) …. Monte
So This Is Paris (1926/II) …. Dr. Paul Giraud
Other Women’s Husbands (1926) …. Dick Lambert
Man Upstairs, The (1926) …. Geoffrey West
Hogan’s Alley (1925) …. Lefty O’Brien
Red Hot Tires (1925) …. Al Jones
Limited Mail, The (1925) …. Bob Wilson/Bob Snobson
Kiss Me Again (1925) …. Gaston Fleury
Recompense (1925) …. Peter Graham
Dark Swan, The (1924) …. Lewis Dike
… aka Black Swan, The (1924)
Lover of Camille, The (1924) …. Jean Gaspard Deburau
Her Marriage Vow (1924) …. Bob Hilton
Being Respectable (1924) …. Charles Carpenter
Revelation (1924) …. Paul Granville
Daughters of Pleasure (1924) …. Kent Merrill
How to Educate a Wife (1924) …. Ernest Todd
Mademoiselle Midnight (1924) …. Owen Burke
Marriage Circle, The (1924) …. Dr. Franz Braun
Loving Lies (1924) …. Captain Dan stover
Lucretia Lombard (1923) …. Stephen Winship
… aka Flaming Passion (1923)

Monte Blue, silent star

Defying Destiny (1923) …. Jack Fenton
Purple Highway, The (1923) …. Edgar Prentice, aka Edgar Craig
Main Street (1923) …. Dr. Will Kennicott
Brass (1923) …. Philip Baldwin
Tents of Allah, The (1923) …. Chiddar Ben-Ek
Broadway Rose (1922) …. Tom Darcy
My Old Kentucky Home (1922) …. Richard Goodloe
Peacock Alley (1922) …. Elmer Harmon

Monte Blue, Cast in Griffith's Orphans of the Storm

Monte Blue in his memorable role as Danton in DW Griffith’s “Orphans of the Storm” (1921)
This film was originally titled “The Two Orphans”, but the title was changed later by Griffith

Orphans of the Storm (1921) …. Danton
Affairs of Anatol, The (1921) …. Abner Elliott
… aka Prodigal Knight, A (1921) (UK)
Moonlight and Honeysuckle (1921) …. Ted Musgrove
Broken Doll, A (1921) …. Tommy Dawes
Perfect Crime, A (1921) …. Wally Griggs
Kentuckians, The (1921) …. Boone Stallard
Jucklins, The (1921) …. Bill Hawes
Too Much Johnson (1920) …. Billy Lounsberry
Something to Think About (1920) …. Jim Dirk
Cumberland Romance, A (1920) …. Sherd Raines
… aka Romance of the Cumberland (1920)
Thirteenth Commandment, The (1920) …. Bayard Kip
Everywoman (1919) …. Love
In Mizzoura (1919) …. Sam Fowler
Told in the Hills (1919) …. Kalitan
Rustling a Bride (1919) …. Nick McCredie

One of those old picture postcards depicting the stars’ homes, in this case, Monte Blue’s tudor style home.
I often wonder who lives in these homes now, or if they even still exist.
If walls could talk, what would they say?

Pettigrew’s Girl (1919) …. Pvt. William Pettigrew
Romance and Arabella (1919) …. Harry Atteridge
Squaw Man, The (1918) …. Happy
Goddess of Lost Lake, The (1918) (uncredited)
Romance of Tarzan, The (1918) …. Juan
One Hundred Percent American (1918)
Johanna Enlists (1918) …. Pvt. Vibbard
Till I Come Back to You (1918) …. American Doughboy
Hands Up! (1918)
Only Road, The (1918) …. Pedro Lupo
M’Liss (1918) …. ‘Mexican Joe’
Riders of the Night (1918) …. ‘The Killer’ Jed
Red, Red Heart, The (1918) …. Billy Porter
… aka Heart of the Desert, The (1918) (USA)
Ship of Doom, The (1917) …. Martin Shaw
Man From Painted Post, The (1917) …. Slim Carter
… aka Fancy Jim Sherwood (1917) (USA)
Betrayed (1917) …. Pepo Esparenza
Wild and Woolly (1917) …. A Badman
Hands Up! (1917/I) …. Dan Tracy
Betsy’s Burglar (1917) …. Victor Gilpin
Jim Bludso (1917) …. Joe Bower
Matrimaniac, The (1916) (uncredited) …. Assistant Hotel Manager
Microscope Mystery, The (1916) …. Jud
Intolerance (1916) …. Strike leader
Hell-to-Pay Austin (1916) …. Bit Part
… aka Love in the West (1916)
Man Behind the Curtain, The (1916) (uncredited)
Price of Power, The (1916) (uncredited)
Ghosts (1915/I) …. Bohemian in Paris
… aka Curse, The (1919) (reissue title)
Absentee, The (1915) (uncredited)
Birth of a Nation, The (1915)

To learn more about Monte Blue read his profile on The Internet Movie Database

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