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Mary Philbin, Silent Movie Star -

Mary Philbin (1903-1993)

"The Most Beautiful Mary In Pictures"

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Mary Philbin was born on July 16th, 1903 into a happy, middle class Irish Catholic family. Mary was a beauty contest winner for Universal Pictures, before entering silent films in 1921. She played ingenue roles in successful films like "Merry Go Round" (1922), "Stella Maris" (1925) and "The Man Who Laughs" (1928). Her most famous film role however is as the original Christine Daae in the classic silent "Phantom of the Opera" (1925), playing opposite Lon Chaney as the Phantom Eric. When a sound version was made of the same silent a few years later Mary dubbed her own voice speaking as Christine. After sound arrived she made a few pictures, then retired from the screen. She took care of her parents in later years, but never married. Mary was a private person, who rarely gave interviews. Her romantic life she kept to herself. She did make a rare public appearance for the Los Angeles premiere of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical "The Phantom of the Opera". Mary Philbin died at age 89 from pneumonia on May 7th, 1993, in Huntington Beach, California. ~ Copyright © 2004
Mary Philbin's Silent Films

Last Performance, The (1929) .... Julie
... aka Last Call, The (1929) (UK)

Mary Philbin, Colorized by Golden Silents

Port of Dreams (1929) .... Joan
... aka Girl Overboard (1929)
... aka Salvage (1929)

Beautiful Mary Philbin -

Beautiful Mary Philbin

Man Who Laughs, The (1928) .... Dea
Love Me and the World Is Mine (1928) .... Hannerl
Drums of Love (1928) .... Princess Emanuella
... aka Sentimental Tommy (1928) (USA)
Surrender (1927) .... Lea Lyon
... aka President, The (1927) (UK)
Stella Maris (1925) .... Stella Maris/Unity Blake

Mary Philbin with Lon Chaney Sr. in Phantom of the Opera (1925) -

Mary Philbin as Christine Daae in the 1925 silent classic "The Phantom of the Opera", opposite Lon Chaney

Phantom of the Opera, The (1925) .... Christine Daae
Fifth Avenue Models (1925) .... Isoel Ludant
Rose of Paris, The (1924) .... Mitsi
Gaiety Girl, The (1924) .... Irene Tudor
Fools' Highway (1924) .... Mamie Rose

Mary Philbin Magazine Cover - 1925 -

Mary Philbin on the cover of Motion Picture Classic (Sept. 1925)

Thrill Chaser, The (1923)
Temple of Venus, The (1923) .... Moira
Age of Desire, The (1923) .... Margy (age 18)
Where Is This West? (1923) .... Sallie Summrs
Penrod and Sam (1923) .... Margaret Schofield
Merry-Go-Round (1922) .... Agnes Urban

Mary Philbin, Silent Film Star -

Pretty as a picture, silent film star Mary Philbin

Human Hearts (1922) .... Ruth
Trouper, The (1922) .... Mary Lee
False Kisses (1921) .... Mary
Sure Fire (1921)
Red Courage (1921) .... Eliza Fay
Danger Ahead (1921) .... Tressie Harloow
Blazing Trail, The (1921) .... Talithy Millicuddy

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