Marguerite De La Motte (1902-1950)

Silent screen actress Marguerite De La Motte was born on June 22nd, 1902, in Duluth, Minnesota, and she was educated in San Diego, California. Like many actresses, she initially trained as a dancer. Marguerite began a screen career in 1918, eventually working for some of the better film producers of the era.

She worked for Jesse B. Hampton, playing in “A Sagebrush Hamlet” and “Dangerous Waters”, and for H.B. Warner, filming “The Pagan God” and “For A Woman’s Honor” (all in 1919). She played opposite Jack Pickford in “In Wrong” (1919). She worked for B.B. Hampton, for whom she did “The Sagebrusher” (1920). Her popularity increased dramatically when she began working as leading lady in a series of film hits opposite Douglas Fairbanks. Films of note with Doug for Marguerite were the swashbuckler “The Mark of Zorro” (1920), the comedy hit “The Nut” (1921), the adventure film “The Three Musketeers” (1921), and later “The Iron Mask” (1929). She also played the heroine in the Lon Chaney film “Shadows” (1922). In the latter part of her silent screen career Marguerite freelanced for several different studios. She was married to ill-fated silent film actor John Bowers who committed suicide once his film career dried up at the beginning of the sound era. Marguerite had made several films with her husband, including “Desire” (1923), and “Richard the Lion-Hearted” (1923). Marguerite herself only made four sound pictures, and then retired from the screen in the early 1940’s. She died from cerebral thrombosis in San Francisco on March 10th, 1950. ~ Copyright © 2004

Marguerite De La Motte’s Silent Films

Montmartre Rose (1929) …. Jeanne
Iron Mask, The (1929) …. Constance
Broadway Madness (1927) …. Maida Vincent
Ragtime (1927) …. Beth Barton
Kid Sister, The (1927) …. Helen Hall
Held by the Law (1927) …. Mary Travis
Final Extra, The (1927) …. Ruth Collins
Pals in Paradise (1926) …. Geraldine Howard
Last Frontier, The (1926) …. Beth
Meet the Prince (1926) …. Annabelle Ford

Marguerite De La Motte and Douglas Fairbanks in the cute comedy The Nut

Marguerite De La Motte and Douglas Fairbanks in the cute comedy “The Nut” (1921)

Unknown Soldier, The (1926) …. Mary Phillips
Red Dice (1926) …. Beverly Vane
Fifth Avenue (1926) …. Barbara Pelham
Hearts and Fists (1926) …. Alexia Newton
People vs. Nancy Preston, The (1925) …. Nancy Preston
Children of the Whirlwind (1925) …. Maggie
Off the Highway (1925) …. Ella Tarrant
Girl Who Wouldn’t Work, The (1925) …. Mary Hale
Daughters Who Pay (1925) …. Sonia/Margaret Smith
Flattery (1925) …. Betty Biddle
Cheaper to Marry (1925) …. Doris
In Love with Love (1924) …. Ann Jordan
East of Broadway (1924) …. Judy McNulty
Those Who Dare (1924) …. Marjorie
Beloved Brute, The (1924) …. Jacinta
Gerald Cranston’s Lady (1924) …. Angela
Clean Heart, The (1924) …. Essie Bickers
Behold This Woman (1924) …. Sophie
When a Man’s a Man (1924) …. Helen Wakefield
Richard the Lion-Hearted (1923) …. Lady Edith Plantagenet
Desire (1923) …. Ruth Cassell
Wandering Daughters (1923) …. Bessie Bowden
Man of Action, A (1923) …. Helen Sumner
Just Like a Woman (1923) …. Peggy Dean
Scars of Jealousy (1923) …. Helen Meanix
What a Wife Learned (1923) …. Sheila Dorne
Famous Mrs. Fair, The (1923) …. Sylvia Fair
Fools of Fortune (1922) …. Marion DePuyster
Jilt, The (1922) …. Rose Trenton
Shadows (1922) …. Sympathy Gibbs
Shattered Idols (1922) …. Sarasvati
Three Musketeers, The (1921) …. Constance Bonacieux
Ten Dollar Raise, The (1921) …. Dorothy
Nut, The (1921) …. Estrell Wynn
Broken Gate, The (1920) …. Anne Oglesby
U.P. Trail, The (1920) …. Allie Lee

Doug Fairbanks and Marguerite De La Motte in The Mark Of Zorro

Douglas Fairbanks protects his leading lady Marguerite De La Motte in “The Mark Of Zorro” (1920)

Mark of Zorro, The (1920) …. Lolita Pulido
Trumpet Island (1920) …. Eve de Merincourt
Hope, The (1920) …. Lady Brenda Carylon
Sagebrusher, The (1920) …. Mary Warren
In Wrong (1919) …. Millie Fields
Dangerous Waters (1919) …. Cora Button
For a Woman’s Honor (1919) …. Helen Rutherford
Pagan God, The (1919) …. Beryl Addison
Sagebrush Hamlet, A (1919) (as Marguerite de LaMotte) …. Dora Lawrence
Josselyn’s Wife (1919) …. Lizzie
Arizona (1918) …. Lena

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