Marguerite Clark (1883-1940)

Marguerite Clark, Silent Movie Star

One of the pioneering actresses of the silent screen, beautiful Marguerite Clark was born in Avondale, Ohio on February 22nd, 1883, and raised on a farm. At age twelve she was sent away to a Catholic school in Cincinnati, but left at age sixteen to pursue her love of the stage. She was successful almost immediately because of her purity, grace and charm, qualities which impressed the movie and theater audiences of the time (unlike today).

Marguerite was soon appearing in Broadway shows, including a starring role opposite John Barrymore in the play “Anatol.” From Broadway to the fledgling movie industry she went, signing up with Famous Players Lasky, and appearing in her first film “Wildflower” in 1914. In 1916 she starred in the first film version of “Snow White”, which so impressed a young Walt Disney that he made his first feature film based on the story and Marguerite’s performance. Other films of note for Marguerite were the dual roles of the Prince and Tom in “The Prince and the Pauper” (1915), Little Eva in “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” (1918) and Lovey Mary in “Mrs. Wiggs Of The Cabbage Patch” (1919). Because of her youthful appearance, Marguerite was playing childlike girl roles even into her thirties, as was Mary Pickford. In 1918 Marguerite married Harry Palmerson Williams, a marriage which lasted until Harry’s death in 1936. By 1921 Marguerite was becoming tired of acting and wanted nothing more than to retire on a farm that she owned in New Orleans. Apparently the little girl raised on a farm in Ohio never gave up her love for the land. So at the height of her popularity and career, Marguerite left acting altogether for the peace and serenity of country life. She died of pneumonia on September 25th, 1940.

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Marguerite Clark’s Silent Films

Scrambled Wives (1921) …. Miss Mary Lucille Smith
Easy to Get (1920) …. Molly Morehouse
All of a Sudden Peggy (1920) …. Peggy O’Hara

Marguerite Clark, Silent Film Star, Golden Silents Colorized

Beautiful and demure Marguerite Clark

Girl Named Mary, A (1919) …. Mary Healey
Luck in Pawn (1919) …. Annabel Lee
Widow by Proxy (1919) …. Gloria Grey
Girls (1919) …. Pamela Gordon
… aka Girls, Come Out of the Kitchen (1919)
Come Out of the Kitchen (1919) …. Claudia Daingerfield
Let’s Elope (1919) …. Eloise Farrington
Three Men and a Girl (1919) …. Sylvia Weston
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1919) …. Lovey Mary
Little Miss Hoover (1918) …. Ann Craddock
Out of a Clear Sky (1918) …. Countess Celeste de Bersek et Krymm
Uncle Tom’s Cabin (1918) …. Little Eva St. Clair/Topsy
Prunella (1918) …. Prunella

Marguerite Clark, Silent Movie Star

What a sweetheart, the way young girls used to be …
Silent film star Marguerite Clark

Rich Man, Poor Man (1918) …. Betty Wynne
Seven Swans, The (1917) …. Princess Tweedledee
Bab’s Matinee Idol (1917) …. Bab Archibald
… aka Her Matinee Idol (1917)
… aka Her Shattered Idol (1917)
Bab’s Burglar (1917) …. Bab Archibald
Bab’s Diary (1917) …. Bab Archibald
Amazons, The (1917) …. Lord Tommy
Valentine Girl, The (1917) …. Marion Morgan
Fortunes of Fifi, The (1917) …. Fifi
Snow White (1916/I) …. Snow White
Miss George Washington (1916) …. Bernice Somers
Little Lady Eileen (1916) …. Eileen Kavanaugh
Silks and Satins (1916) …. Felicite
… aka Her Romance (1916)
Molly Make-Believe (1916) …. Molly
Out of the Drifts (1916) …. Elise
Mice and Men (1916) …. Peggy
Prince and the Pauper, The (1915) …. Prince Edward/Tom Canty
Still Waters (1915) …. Nesta
Helene of the North (1915) …. Helene Dearing
Seven Sisters, The (1915) …. Mici
Pretty Sister of Jose, The (1915) …. Pepita
Gretna Green (1915) …. Dolly Erskine
Goose Girl, The (1915) …. Gretchen
Crucible, The (1914) …. Jean
Wildflower (1914) …. Letty Roberts

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