Marceline Day (1908-2000)

Marceline Day - Silent Movie Star

This lovely leading lady and actress of the silent screen era, Marceline Day, was born Marceline Newlin in Colorado Springs, Colorado on April 24th, 1908, and she was educated in Salt Lake City, Utah. Her older sister, Alice Day, was also a silent screen actress, appearing mostly in slapstick comedies. Marceline was a Mack Sennett bathing beauty, and was initially groomed by Sennett to be a country girl type in films; she appeared in several westerns early on in her career; however this film persona was short-lived. Marceline’s acting success in silent films was very rapid, and eclipsed her sister’s. She was named a WAMPAS Baby Star in 1926. Marceline proved herself adept at both comedy, appearing opposite stars such as Charley Chase and Harry Langdon, and in drama. John Barrymore selected Marceline as his leading lady for his romantic drama feature “The Beloved Rogue” (1927).

Marceline worked for most of her film career at M-G-M, starring with the likes of Lon Chaney, Ramon Novarro, and the popular comedy team of George Arthur and Karl Dane. She shone brightly and sweetly as Sally Richards in Buster Keaton’s comedy classic “The Cameraman” (1928), perhaps the role she is best remembered for today. Her transition to talkies was smooth; she possessed a lovely, cultured voice. Her first sound film was “The Jazz Age”, an early 1929 part-talkie. In “The Show of Shows” (1929) she and her sister Alice appeared together dressed as German girls, for a musical number called “Meet My Sister.” By 1930, however, she began to freelance with smaller studios, such as Tiffany, Trojan, and Chesterfield, but these studios put her in increasingly supporting type roles, in films not worthy of her talents. She quickly became disenchanted with Hollywood, and retired from films in 1934, rarely discussing her film career thereafter. Marceline was married twice, once to a producer of movie shorts, Arthur Klein. She had no children. She died relatively recently, on February 16th, 2000, of natural causes. ~ Copyright © 2004

Marceline Day’s Silent Films

Trent’s Last Case (1929) …. Evelyn Manderson
Single Man, A (1929) …. Maggie
Jazz Age, The (1929) …. Sue Randall
Stolen Love (1928) …. Joan Hastings
Restless Youth (1928/I) …. Dixie
… aka Wayward Youth (1928) (UK)
Freedom of the Press (1928) …. June Westcott
Driftwood (1928) …. Daisy Smith

Buster Keaton and Marceline Day in The Cameraman

Marceline Day looking misty eyed, while Buster Keaton and director Edward Sedgwick
serenade her in song on the set of the wonderful comedy film “The Cameraman” (1928)

Cameraman, The (1928) …. Sally Richards
Detectives (1928) …. Lois
Certain Young Man, A (1928) …. Phyllis
Big City, The (1928) …. Sunshine
Under the Black Eagle (1928) …. Margarta
London After Midnight (1927) …. Lucille Balfor
… aka Hypnotist, The (1927) (UK)
Road to Romance, The (1927) …. Serafina
… aka Romance (1927)
Captain Salvation (1927) …. Mary Phillips
Rookies (1927) …. Betty Wayne
Red Clay (1927) …. Agnes Burr

Marceline Day - Silent Movie Star

Beloved Rogue, The (1927) …. Charlotte de Vauxcelles
College Days (1926) …. Mary Ward
That Model from Paris (1926) …. Jane Miller
Fools of Fashion (1926) …. Mary Young
Gay Deceiver, The (1926) …. Louise de Tillois
Boy Friend, The (1926) …. Ida May Harper
Looking for Trouble (1926) …. Tulip Hellier
Barrier, The (1926) …. Necia
Hell’s 400 (1926) …. Barbara Langham
Western Pluck (1926) …. Clare Dyer
Splendid Road, The (1925) …. Lilian Grey
Wall Street Whiz, The (1925) …. Peggy McCooey
White Outlaw, The (1925) …. Mary Gale
Party, The (1925)
His New Suit (1925)
Renegade Holmes, M.D. (1925)
Taming of the West, The (1925) …. Beryl
Black Oxfords (1924)
Hansom Cabman, The (1924)
… aka Be Careful (1924)
Luck of the Foolish, The (1924)
Picking Peaches (1924) …. Bathing Beauty

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