Laura La Plante (1904-1996)

Beautiful silent film actress Laura La Plante was born Laura La Plant in St. Louis, Missouri on November 1st, 1904. Her family moved to Los Angeles when she was a child and she was educated in the public schools there. At age 15 she broke into films, after being noticed for her blond beauty by producer Al Christie. She was hired for acting roles by Fox, First National, and then Universal, and became a star with the latter studio, making comedies, dramas, and mysteries. She was awarded the WAMPAS Baby star award in 1923. Films of note for Laura were “Crooked Alley” (1923), the comedy “Sporting Youth” (1924), the drama “Smoldering Fires” (1925), and the mystery “The Cat and the Canary” (1927). Laura was married twice, to successful director William A. Seiter from 1926 to 1934, and to producer Irving Asher from 1934 until his death in 1985.

One of Laura’s most successful comedies was “Skinner’s Dress Suit” (1926), co-starring Reginald Denny, which was directed by her husband William Seiter. When sound came to Universal, she made the transition smoothly, playing the leading role of Magnolia in the first screen version of “Show Boat” (1929), and made her first all speaking film “Hold Your Man”, also in 1929. In 1930 she left Universal, and they terminated her contract. She moved to England, where she starred in several films, before returning to the states to make a few more films playing smaller character roles. Her last film was made in 1957. Laura La Plante died from Alzheimer’s disease on October 14th, 1996, in Woodland Hills, California. ~ Copyright © 2004

Laura La Plante’s Silent Films

Love Trap, The (1929) …. Laura
(mostly silent; a few talking sequences)
Last Warning, The (1929) …. Doris
Home, James (1928) …. Laura Elliot
Thanks for the Buggy Ride (1928) …. Jenny
Finders Keepers (1928) …. Barbara Hastings

An example of a vintage cigarette card for movie star Laura La Plante

Silk Stockings (1927) …. Molly Thornhill
Cat and the Canary, The (1927) …. Annabelle West
Beware of Widows (1927) …. Joyce Bragdon
Love Thrill, The (1927) …. Joyce Bragdon
Butterflies in the Rain (1926) …. Tina Carteret
Her Big Night (1926) …. Frances Norcross/Daphne Dix
Poker Faces (1926) …. The wife
Midnight Sun, The (1926) …. Olga Balashova
Skinner’s Dress Suit (1926) …. Mrs. Honey Skinner
Beautiful Cheat, The (1926) …. Mary/Maritza
Teaser, The (1925) …. Ann Barton
Dangerous Innocence (1925) …. Ann Church

Laura La Plante - Silent Movie Star

Laura La Plante in a beautiful pose

Smoldering Fires (1925) …. Dorothy Vale
Fatal Plunge, The (1924)
Fast Worker, The (1924) …. Connie
Butterfly (1924) …. Dora Collier
Young Ideas (1924) …. Octavia Lowden
Dangerous Blonde, The (1924) …. Diana Faraday
Excitement (1924) …. Nila Lyons
Ride for Your Life (1924) …. Betsy Burke
Sporting Youth (1924) …. Betty Rockford
Thrill Chaser, The (1923)
Crooked Alley (1923) …. Norine Tyrell/Olive Sloan
Ramblin’ Kid, The (1923) …. Carolyn June
Out of Luck (1923) …. Mae Day
Shootin’ for Love (1923) …. Mary Randolph
Burning Words (1923) …. Mary Malcolm
Dead Game (1923) …. Alice Mason
Around the World in Eighteen Days (1923)
… aka Around the World (1923)
… aka Around the World in 18 Days (1923)
Perils of the Yukon (1922)
Wall Flower, The (1922) …. Prue Nickerson
Easy to Cop (1922)
Big Ranger, The (1922)
Taking Things Easy (1922)
Society Sailors (1922)
Treacherous Rival, A (1922)
Call of Courage, The (1922)
Desperation (1922)
Trail of the Wolf, The (1922)
Matching Wits (1922)
Bottle Baby, A (1922)
Fighting Back (1922)
Ranger’s Reward, The (1922)
Back From the Front (1921)
Father’s Close Shave (1921)
His Four Feathers (1921)
Jiggs and the Social Lion (1921)
Jiggs In Society (1921)
Deputy’s Double Cross, The (1921)
Alarm, The (1921)
Brand of Courage (1921)
Old Dynamite (1921)
Should Husbands Do Housework? (1921)
Call of the Blood, The (1921)
Play Square (1921) …. May Laverne
Big Town Round-up (1921) …. Mildred Hart
Big Town Ideas (1921) …. Molly Dorn
Old Swimmin’ Hole, The (1921) …. Myrtle
813 (1920) …. Genevieve
Great Gamble, The (1919)

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