Douglas MacLean (1890-1967)

Douglas MacLean - Silent Film Actor, Producer

“The Man With the Million Dollar Smile”

Silent film actor and producer Douglas MacLean was born Charles Douglas MacLean in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 10th, 1890. He was educated at Northwestern University Preparatory School and Lewis Institute of Technology in Chicago. Upon graduation he returned to Philadelphia to be a bond salesman. Having a desire to act on the stage, he entered the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. His work at the completion of his course there attracted the attention of famous stage actress Maude Adams, and she engaged him to play the leading role opposite her in the show “Rosalind.” Doug later performed in stock in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and did another year of stage work at the Morosco Theater in Los Angeles. His first screen production was with Alice Brady in “As Ye Sow” (1914), an Old World Film Company production. Later he played the lead role in D.W. Griffith’s war story “The Hun Within” (1918). He was engaged by Mary Pickford to play the lead roles in two of her films “Johanna Enlists” (1918) and “Captain Kidd. Jr” (1919). He also appeared in several productions made by the American Film Company. Doug’s first starring vehicle was Mary Robert Rinehart’s story “23 1/2 Hours’ Leave” (1919), in which he scored one the biggest successes of his career. This film typecast him in light romantic roles for much of his film career, and he was nicknamed “The Man With The Million Dollar Smile”. Doug formed his own production company, and made a series of films for Associated Exhibitors, including the film “Going Up” (1923), based on a George M. Cohan and Sam Harris show. Other fine films for Doug over the years were “The Home Stretch” (1921) and “Seven Keys to Baldpate” (1925). He made one talkie and then retired from screen acting to concentrate on producing and writing screenplays. Doug was married four times, divorced three times. His final marriage lasted till his wife’s death in 1959. Douglas MacLean died in Beverly Hills, on July 9th, 1967, from the effects of a stroke. ~ Copyright © 2004

Vintage Bio from “Who’s Who On The Screen” (1920): “This youthful star was born in Philadelphia, Pa., and educated at Northwestern University. Previous to his screen career he played juvenile leads in stock and supported Maude Adams in “Peter Pan” and other Barrie plays. He has been seen in the Paramount-Artcraft pictures “The Hun Within,” “Johanna Enlists”, “Capt. Kidd, Jr.”, and “Fuss and Feathers.” He is now starring for Thomas H. Ince productions for whom he has already made 23 and 1/2 Hours Leave” “What’s Your Husband Doing?” and “Mary’s Ankle.” Mr. MacLean’s height is five feet nine inches, and he weighs a hundred and forty five pounds. He has brown hair and brown eyes. Automobiling is his favorite recreation, and he is a fine golfer, swimmer and tennis player.”

Douglas MacLean Silent Films

Carnation Kid, The (1929) …. Clarence Kendall
Soft Cushions (1927) …. The Young Thief
Let It Rain (1927) …. ‘Let-It-Rain’ Riley
Hold That Lion (1926) …. Jimmie Hastings
That’s My Baby (1926) …. Alan Boyd
Seven Keys to Baldpate (1925) …. William Magee
Introduce Me (1925) …. Jimmy Clark
Never Say Die (1924) …. Jack Woodbury
Yankee Consul, The (1924) …. Dudley Ainsworth
Going Up (1923) …. Robert Street
Man of Action, A (1923) …. Bruce MacAllister

Douglas MacLean in The Sunshine Trail

Sunshine Trail, The (1923) …. James Henry MacTavish
Bell Boy 13 (1923) …. Harry Elrod
Sunset Trail, The (1922) …. James Henry McTavish
Hottentot, The (1922) …. Sam Harrington
Chickens (1921) …. Deems Stanwood

Douglas MacLean in Passing Through

Passing Through (1921) …. Billy Barton
… aka Passin’ Thru (1921)
… aka Passing Thru (1921)
One a Minute (1921) …. Jimmy Knight
Home Stretch, The (1921) …. Johnny Hardwick
Rookie’s Return, The (1920) …. James Stewart Lee
Jailbird, The (1920) …. Shakespeare Clancy
Let’s Be Fashionable (1920) …. Henry Langdon
Mary’s Ankle (1920) …. Dr. Arthur P. Hampton
What’s Your Husband Doing? (1920) …. John P. Widgast
23 1/2 Hours’ Leave (1919) …. Sergeant William Gray
Captain Kidd, Jr. (1919) …. Jim Gleason
Homebreaker, The (1919) …. Raymond Abbott
Happy Though Married (1919) …. Stanley Montjoy

Douglas MacLean - Silent Movie Star

Douglas MacLean in his younger years, circa 1920

Fuss and Feathers (1918) …. Robert Leedyard
Mirandy Smiles (1918) …. Teddy Lawrence
Johanna Enlists (1918) …. Capt. Archie van Renssaller
Hun Within, The (1918) …. Frank Douglas
Vamp, The (1918)
Fair Barbarian, The (1917) (as Douglas McLean) …. Jack Belasys
Souls in Pawn (1917) …. Karl, Prince von Kondermarck
Upper Crust, The (1917) …. Algernon Todd
Woman’s Power, A (1916) …. Newt Spooner
Love’s Crucible (1916) …. Robert Lawton
Boss, The (1915) (as Douglas McLean) …. Regan’s Secretary, Robert
Man Who Found Himself, The (1915) …. Roy Hudson
As Ye Sow (1914) …. Rev. John St. John

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