Doris Kenyon (1897-1979)

Doris Kenyon - Silent and Sound Movie Star

Silent movie star Doris Kenyon’s professional career included the stage, screen, writing, and concert singing. Born in Syracuse, New York on September 5th, 1897 and educated in New York, she was the daughter of minister. When she was sixteen she sang for Victor Herbert at a dinner party and he was so impressed that he cast her as the lead in his musical “Princess Pat”. She also sang with the Metropolitan Opera. Doris made her film debut in 1916 in a bit part in the Pathé film “The Hidden Hand”; then she went on to work for The World Film Corporation for a number of years, playing ingenue parts, including a memorable early role in “A Girl’s Folly” (1917 – surviving). Other films of note for Doris were “The Great White Trail” (1917), and “Monsieur Beaucaire” (1924) with Rudolph Valentino. Due to her vocal training for singing and her stage experience Doris made the transition to sound films smoothly, and she worked throughout the 1930’s, before retiring in 1940 after making “The Man In The Iron Mask” (1939). Doris spent her later years involved in charity work, including singing with the USO during World War Two, and traveling the lecture circuit for women’s clubs. She wrote a book of short stories called “Doris Kenyon’s Monologues”, published in 1929. She was married at least four times (documented), divorced several times, and widowed twice (how they kept all these husbands’ names straight is beyond me). She had one son, Kenyon Clarence Sills, with her first husband, actor Milton Sills. Doris died on September 1st, 1979 in Beverly Hills, California from heart failure. ~ Copyright © 2004

Doris Kenyon’s Silent Films

Hawk’s Nest, The (1928) …. Madelon Arden
Burning Daylight (1928) …. The Virgin
Valley of the Giants, The (1927) …. Shirley Pennington
Blonde Saint, The (1926) …. Ghirlaine Bellamy
Ladies at Play (1926) …. Ann Harper
… aka Loose Ankles (1926)
Mismates (1926) …. Judy Winslow
Men of Steel (1926) …. Mary Berwick
Unguarded Hour, The (1925) …. Virginia Gilbert

Doris Kenyon, Silent Movie Star with tot

Half-Way Girl, The (1925) …. Poppy La Rue
I Want My Man (1925) …. Vida
If I Marry Again (1925) …. Jocelyn Margot
Thief in Paradise, A (1925) …. Helen Saville
Idle Tongues (1924) …. Katherine Minot
Born Rich (1924) …. Frances Melrose
Monsieur Beaucaire (1924) …. Lady Mary
Lend Me Your Husband (1924) …. Aline Stackton
New School Teacher, The (1924) …. Diana
Love Bandit, The (1924) …. Amy Van Clayton
Restless Wives (1924) …. Polly Benson
Last Moment, The (1923) …. Alice Winthrop
You Are Guilty (1923) …. Alice Farrell
Bright Lights of Broadway (1923) …. Irene Marley
Sure-Fire Flint (1922) …. June De Lanni
Ruling Passion, The (1922) …. Angie Alden
Shadows of the Sea (1922) …. Dorothy Jordan
Get-Rich-Quick Wallingford (1921) …. Fannie Jasper
Conquest of Canaan, The (1921) …. Ariel Taber
Harvest Moon, The (1920) …. Dora Fullerton
Bandbox, The (1919) …. Eleanor Searle
Twilight (1919) …. Twilight
Wild Honey (1918) …. Wild Honey/Mrs. Holbrook
Inn of the Blue Moon, The (1918) …. Justine Druce/Dorothy Druce
Street of Seven Stars, The (1918) …. Harmony Wells
Jimmy Dale Alias the Great Seal (1917)
Great White Trail (1917) …. Prudence Carrington
On Trial (1917) (uncredited)
Empress, The (1917) …. Nedra
Girl’s Folly, A (1917) …. Mary Baker
Man Who Forgot, The (1917) …. Edith Mallon
Rack, The (1916) …. Effie McKenzie
Traveling Salesman, The (1916) …. Beth Elliot
Ocean Waif, The (1916) …. Millie Jessup, the Ocean Waif
Man Who Stood Still, The (1916) …. Marie Krauss
Feast of Life, The (1916) …. Celida
Pawn of Fate (1916) …. Marcine Dufrene
Hidden Hand, The (1916) … uncredited

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