Betty Compson (1897-1974)

Betty Compson, Silent Movie Star

The prolific silent screen actress Betty Compson was born Eleanor Luicime Compson on March 19th, 1897, in Beaver, Utah and educated in the public schools of Salt Lake City. Her mother got her started playing the violin when she was just a child, and by her early teen years she was so expert at the instrument that she was asked to play in vaudeville sketches with various touring circuits, where her youth and beauty charmed audiences and got her noticed by Hollywood producers.

Betty Compson, Silent Movie Star

In 1914 Betty accepted an offer from producer Al Christie to act in Universal comedies. Betty excelled at the more gentle type of slapstick humor, displayed in films like “Paths To Paradise” (1925) with Raymond Griffith, and she also managed to perform well in successful dramas such as “The Miracle Man” (1919), “The Little Minister” (1921) and “The Docks of New York” (1928). She made the transition to sound quite smoothly and impressed audiences with her acting abilities in films like “The Great Gabbo” and “Street Girl” (both 1929), the latter including a great scene showing Betty playing her own violin. Betty married three times, once to director James Cruze, and her last marriage to Jack Gall until his death in 1962. She had no children. After she retired from film in 1948, Betty ran her own business until shortly before her death from a heart attack on April 18th, 1974 in Glendale, California. ~ Copyright © 2004

Betty Compson’s Silent Films

Woman to Woman (1929) …. Deloryce/Lola
Barker, The (1928) …. Carrie (silent, with talking features)
Docks of New York, The (1928) …. Mae
Court-Martial (1928) …. Belle Starr
Life’s Mockery (1928) …. Kit Miller/Isabelle Fullerton
… aka Reform (1928)
Masked Angel (1928) …. Betty
… aka Her Love Cottage (1928) (UK)
Desert Bride, The (1928) …. Diane Duval
Big City, The (1928) …. Helen
Love Me and the World Is Mine (1928) …. Mitzel
Cheating Cheaters (1927) …. Nan Carey
Temptations of a Shop Girl (1927) …. Ruth Harrington
Say It with Diamonds (1927) …. Betty Howard
Ladybird, The (1927) …. Diane Wyman
Belle of Broadway, The (1926) …. Marie Duval
… aka Darling of Paris (1926)
Wise Guy, The (1926) …. Hula Kate
… aka Into the Night (1926) (UK)
… aka Wise Guy (1926) (USA)
Palace of Pleasure, The (1926) …. Lola Montez
Counsel for the Defense (1925) …. Katherine West
Pony Express, The (1925) …. Molly Jones
Beggar on Horseback (1925) …. Princess in Pantomime

Betty Compson & Raymond Griffith

Betty Compson with Raymond Griffith in 1925’s “Paths To Paradise”

Paths to Paradise (1925) …. Molly
Eve’s Secret (1925) …. Eve
New Lives for Old (1925) …. Olympe
Locked Doors (1925) …. Mary Reed Carter
Garden of Weeds, The (1924) …. Dorothy Delbridge
Fast Set, The (1924) …. Margaret Stone
Female, The (1924) …. Dalla
Ramshackle House (1924) …. Pen Broome
Enemy Sex, The (1924) …. Dodo Baxter
Prude’s Fall, The (1924)
… aka Dangerous Virtue (1924) (USA)
Miami (1924) …. Joan Bruce
Stranger, The (1924) …. Peggy Bowlin
Royal Oak, The (1923) …. Lady Mildred Cholmondeley
White Shadow, The (1923) …. Nancy Brent/Georgina Brent
… aka White Shadows (1924) (USA)
Woman to Woman (1923) …. Louise Boucher/Deloryse
Hollywood (1923) …. Cameo appearance
… aka Joligud (1923)
Woman with Four Faces, The (1923) …. Elizabeth West
Rustle of Silk, The (1923) …. Lala De Breeze
White Flower, The (1923) …. Konia Markham
Kick In (1922) …. Molly Brandon
To Have and to Hold (1922) …. Lady Jocelyn Leigh
Bonded Woman, The (1922) …. Angela Gaskell
Always the Woman (1922) …. Celia Thaxter
Over the Border (1922) …. Jen Galbraith
Green Temptation, The (1922) …. Joan/Genelle/Coralyn Parker
Law and the Woman, The (1922) …. Margaret Rolfe
Betty’s Big Idea (1921)
Smoky Love Affair, A (1921)
Little Minister, The (1921) …. Lady Babbie
Ladies Must Live (1921) …. Christine Bleeker
At the End of the World (1921) …. Cherry O’Day
For Those We Love (1921) …. Bernice Arnold
Prisoners of Love (1921) …. Blanche Davis
Terror of the Range (1919)

Betty Compson Portrait, Colorized by Golden Silents

Miracle Man, The (1919) …. Rose
Devil’s Trail, The (1919) …. Rose
Little Diplomat, The (1919) …. Phyllis Dare
Light of Victory, The (1919) …. Jane Ravenslee
Prodigal Liar, The (1919) …. Hope Deering
Betty Makes Up (1918)
Border Raiders (1918) …. Rose Hardy
Out West (1918)
… aka Sheriff, The (1918)
Almost a Scandal (1917)
Those Wedding Bells (1917)
Bold, Bad Knight, A (1917)
Many a Slip (1917)
His at Six O’Clock (1916)
Browns See the Fair, The (1916)
Wanted: A Husband (1916)
All Over a Stocking (1916)
Potts Bungles Again (1916)
Her Celluloid Hero (1916)
Janitor’s Busy Day, The (1916)
Wooing of Aunt Jemima (1916)
He’s a Devil (1916)
Lem’s College Career (1916)
Newlyweds’ Mix-Up, The (1916)
Eddie’s Night Out (1916)
Leap Year Tangle, A (1916)
He Almost Eloped (1916)
Love and Vaccination (1916)
Deacon’s Waterloo, The (1916)
When Lizzie Disappeared (1916)
Cupid Trims His Lordship (1916)
Her Friend, the Doctor (1916)
When the Losers Won (1916)
Quiet Supper for Four, A (1916)
Mingling Spirits (1916)
Her Steady Carfare (1916)
Jed’s Trip to the Fair (1916)
Those Primitive Days (1915)
Some Chaperone (1915)
Love and a Savage (1915)
Where the Heather Blooms (1915)
Their Quiet Honeymoon (1915)
Wanted: A Leading Lady (1915)
Almost a Widow (1915/I)
He Loved the Ladies (1914)

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