Antonio Moreno (1887-1967)

Antonio Moreno, Silent and Sound Movie Star

Handsome silent star leading man Antonio (“Tony”) Moreno, born Antonio Garride Monteagudo in Madrid, Spain, on September 26th, 1887, started his motion picture career in the early silent era, generally playing romantic and ‘Latin lover’ types opposite all the top female stars of the period, including Mary Pickford, Blanche Sweet, Lillian and Dorothy Gish, Norma Talmadge, Colleen Moore, Greta Garbo, Pola Negri, Clara Bow, Billie Dove, and Gloria Swanson. Early in his career he also played in serials opposite Pearl White, and found he liked the constancy of the work and the regular paycheck. Moreno’s acting career continued into the sound era, and he worked through the 1950’s at his craft. Tony was married once, to heiress Daisy Canfield Danziger; the marriage lasted ten years during the 1920’s and 1930’s, and ended on friendly terms, shortly before Daisy was tragically killed in a car accident, her vehicle plunging two hundred feet off Mulholland Drive. During their marriage Antonio and Daisy built one of the biggest mansions in Hollywood (pictured below), on one of its highest hills, on land given to Daisy by her wealthy father. The couple called their home “Paramour”, and entertained lavishly. Antonio Moreno died of heart failure on February 15th, 1967. His career had spanned more than forty years. ~ Copyright © 2004

Vintage Bio from “Who’s Who On The Screen” (1920): “Antonio Garrido Monteagudo Moreno is the full name of the popular Tony. He was born in Madrid in 1887 and came to America when he was fourteen. After leaving school he went on the stage with Mrs. Leslie Carter, Tyrone Power, Constance Collier, and William Lackaye. Tony then answered the lure of the screen and went to the Vitagraph company to play leads, later being starred in serials. His two latest were The Invisible Hand, and The Veiled Mystery. He is a typical Spaniard in appearance: rich olive complexion, flashing black eyes and black hair. He is about five foot eight inches in height and weighs about a hundred and seventy pounds. Mr. Moreno is an expert swimmer and tennis player. He keeps in condition by training at the Los Angeles Athletic Club.”

Vintage Bio from “Stars Of The Photoplay” (1930): “Antonio Moreno, as a young man working for the Northhampton Electric Light and Gas Company, was sent to a theater where Maude Adams was rehearsing in “The Little Minister,” to fix the lights. He applied for work and was given a small part. This started his theatrical career. He was born in Madrid, Spain, September 26th, 1887. His full name is Antonio Garride Monteagudo Moreno. He has dark brown hair and eyes, weighs 170 pounds, and is 5 feet, 10 inches tall. He is married to the former Daisy Canfield.”

To read more about Tony Moreno, click HERE (319 kb) to see a vintage page on his career from 1924’s “Blue Book Of The Stars”

Antonio Moreno’s Silent Films

Air Legion, The (1929) …. Steve Rogers
Synthetic Sin (1929) …. Donald Anthony
Adoration (1928) …. Prince Serge Orloff
Midnight Taxi, The (1928) …. Tony Driscoll
Nameless Men (1928) …. Robert Strong
Whip Woman, The (1928) …. Count Michael Ferenzi
Madame Pompadour (1927) …. Rene Laval
Come to My House (1927) …. Floyd Bennings
Venus of Venice (1927) …. Kenneth Wilson
It (1927) …. Cyrus Waltham Jr.
Flaming Forest, The (1926) …. Sergeant David Carrigan
Love’s Blindness (1926) …. Hubert Culverdale, 8th Earl of St. Austel
Temptress, The (1926) …. Manuel Robledo
Beverly of Graustark (1926) …. Dantan
Mare Nostrum (1926) …. Ulysses Ferragut
… aka Our Sea (1926) (USA)
One Year to Live (1925) …. Captain Tom Kendrick
Her Husband’s Secret (1925) …. Elliot Owen
Learning to Love (1925) …. Scott Warner
Story Without a Name, The (1924) …. Alan Holt
… aka Without Warning (1924) (USA)

Antonio Moreno and wife Daisy Canfield Danziger

Border Legion, The (1924) …. Jim Cleve
Hello Frisco (1924)
Tiger Love (1924) …. The Wildcat
Bluff (1924) …. Robert Fitzmaurice
Flaming Barriers (1924) …. Sam Barton

Antonio Moreno and Pola Negri in The Spanish Dancer (1923)

Antonio Moreno and Pola Negri in “The Spanish Dancer” (1923)

Spanish Dancer, The (1923) …. Don Cesar de Bazan
Exciters, The (1923) …. Pierre Martel
Trail of the Lonesome Pine, The (1923) …. John Hale
Lost and Found on a South Sea Island (1923) …. Lloyd Warren
… aka Captain Blackbird (1923) (USA)
… aka Lost and Found (1923)
… aka Passion of the Sea (1923) (USA)
Look Your Best (1923) …. Carlo Bruni
My American Wife (1922) …. Manuel La Tessa
Guilty Conscience, A (1921) …. Gilbert Thurstan
Secret of the Hills, The (1921) …. Guy Fenton
Three Sevens (1921) …. Daniel Craig
Invisible Hand, The (1920) …. John Sharpe, aka ‘The Needle’
Veiled Mystery, The (1920) …. Ralph Moore
Perils of Thunder Mountain (1919) …. John Davies
Iron Test, The (1918) …. Albert Beresford
First Law, The (1918) …. Hugh Godwin
House of Hate, The (1918) …. Harvey Gresham
Naulahka, The (1918) …. Nicholas Tarvin
Mark of Cain, The (1917) …. Kane Langdon

Paramour, the estate of Antonio and Daisy

Angel Factory, The (1917) …. David Darrow
By Right of Possession (1917) …. Tom Baxter
Son of the Hills, A (1917) …. Sandy Morley
Captain of the Gray Horse Troop (1917) …. Capt. George Curtis
Aladdin from Broadway (1917) …. Jack Stanton
Money Magic (1917) …. Ben Fordyce
Her Right to Live (1917) …. John Oxmore
Magnificent Meddler, The (1917) …. Montague Emerson
She Won the Prize (1916) …. A Young Businessman
Susie, the Sleuth (1916) …. Hank
Rose of the South (1916) …. Dick Randolph
… aka Randolph ’64 (1916)
Devil’s Prize, The (1916) …. Hugh Roland
Tarantula, The (1916) …. Pedro Mendoza
Shop Girl, The (1916) …. Peter Rolls
… aka Winifred, the Shop Girl (1916)
Supreme Temptation, The (1916) …. Herbert Dubois
Kennedy Square (1916) …. Harry Rutter
Anselo Lee (1915) …. Anselo Lee
Gypsy Trail, The (1915) …. A Gypsy
Love’s Way (1915) …. Rand Cornwall
‘Model’ Wife, A (1915)
Night of the Wedding, The (1915)
Park Honeymooners, The (1915) …. Billy
Quality of Mercy, The (1915) …. Personal Secretary
Youth (1915) …. Sculptor
On Her Wedding Night (1915) …. Henry Hallam
Price for Folly, A (1915) …. M. Jean de Segni
Dust of Egypt, The (1915) …. Geoffrey Lascelles
Island of Regeneration, The (1915) …. John Charnock Jr
Goodbye Summer (1914) …. Hugo St. Clair
Hidden Letters, The (1914) …. John Reynolds
His Father’s House (1914) …. Jealous Husband
In the Latin Quarter (1914) …. Andrew Lenique

Antonio Moreno, Silent and Sound Movie Star

John Rance, Gentleman (1914) …. John Rance
Ladies’ War, The (1914) …. Mr. Blenkinsop
Old Flute Player, The (1914) …. John Vanderlyn
Peacemaker, The (1914) …. Jack Strong
Persistent Mr. Prince, The (1914) …. Prunella’s Brother
Politics and the Press (1914) …. John Marsden
Song of the Ghetto, The (1914) …. Mario Amata
Sunshine and Shadows (1914)
Under False Colors (1914) …. Pvt. Warring
Loan Shark King, The (1914) …. Harry Graham
Men and Women (1914) …. Man in Kirke’s Office
Memories in Men’s Souls (1914) …. Graham’s Son
Fogg’s Millions (1914)
Accomplished Mrs. Thompson, The (1914) …. Dick Osborne
Too Many Husbands (1914) (as Anthony Moreno) …. Harry Brown
Strongheart (1914) …. Frank Nelson
Judith of Bethulia (1914) …. Extra
… aka Her Condoned Sin (1914) (USA)
House of Discord, The (1913) …. Young Man
By Man’s Law (1913) …. Procurer/Slaver
Cure for Suffragettes, A (1913)
No Place for Father (1913) …. The Son
Misunderstood Boy, A (1913) …. Vigilante
Oil and Water (1913) …. Actor in Play
Musketeers of Pig Alley, The (1912) …. Musketeers Gang Member/At Dance
So Near, Yet So Far (1912) …. In Club
Two Daughters of Eve (1912) …. An Actor/At Stage Door
Unseen Enemy, An (1912) (uncredited) …. On Bridge
His Own Fault (1912) (as Anthony Moreno) …. In Gambling Hall
Voice of the Millions, The (1912) …. One of the Strike Leaders
Iola’s Promise (1912) …. An Indian

To learn more about Antonio Moreno visit his profile at The Internet Movie Database

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