Virginia Lee Corbin (1910-1942)

Virginia Lee Corbin, Child & Adult Silent Movie Star

The Dresden Doll of the Movies”

This silent film child star turned flapper, Virginia Lee Corbin, was born Virginia LaVerne Corbin in Prescott, Arizona, on December 5th, 1910 to Leon and Frances Corbin. She first entered pictures at the tender age of five years, although her mother had shaved two years off her birth date, portraying little Virginia as three years old to the studios. After making a favorable impression in her first film performances, Virginia was put under contract to Fox in 1917, and made some very popular kiddie features, such as “Jack and the Beanstalk”, “Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp,” “Treasure Island,” (all 1917) and “Babes in the Woods” (1918). In 1921 Virginia began freelancing for different studios after her Fox contract expired. She worked for Metro, Universal, Famous Players-Lasky, Thomas Ince, among many others, and in between films she made appearances in vaudeville shows and did some modeling as well.

Silent Child Star Virginia Lee Corbin - Golden Silents

As Virginia aged she began to appear in more Roaring Twenties style films, showcasing the new sexual revolution of young women obtaining jobs, raising their skirts to knee level, and smoking. The most provocative and memorable of these films was “Bare Knees” (1928 – surviving), the quintessential flapper movie of the jazz era, which has Virginia coaching a ladies’ softball team with – horrors! – short shorts on. Today this looks like normal attire to us, but back in 1928 it was definitely considered risque, at a time when most women were not wearing pants, let alone shorts. Virginia was equally at home doing comedy and drama, and often combined the two with particular effectiveness in her performances. However by the beginning of the sound era her film career was winding down. She made a number of films early talkie films through 1931, then retired from the screen to marry and have children. She married broker Theodore Elwood Krol in 1929 and had two sons, Robert and Philip. The marriage ended in 1937 and, sadly, Virginia lost custody of her two boys. Shortly after the divorce, Virginia married Chicago broker, Charles Jacobson, a marriage that lasted until her premature death from tuberculosis on June 4th, 1942 in Winfield, Illinois. Virginia Lee Corbin was yet another child star, like Jackie Coogan and Baby Peggy, who had the majority of her earnings made in the 1920’s spent by her mother. Thereafter The Coogan Bill, passed in the 1930’s, prevented these kinds of parental abuses, but it was too late for Virginia. ~ Copyright © 2004

Virginia Lee Corbin Silent Films

Knee High (1929)
Footlights and Fools (1929) …. Claire Floyd
Jazz Mamas (1929)
Jazzland (1928) …. Martha Baggott
Little Snob, The (1928) …. Jane

   Bare Knees - Golden Silents

One of the more popular “flapper” movies made during the 1920’s
This photo may seem normal now, but back in 1928 it was still daring to see
women in shorts, especially when playing sports

Bare Knees (1928) …. Billie Durey
… aka Short Skirts (1928)
Head of the Family, The (1928) …. Alice Sullivan
Chasing Choo Choos (1927) …. Virginia Craig
No Place to Go (1927) …. Virginia Dare
Play Safe (1927) …. Virginia Craig
Perfect Sap, The (1927) …. Ruth Webster
Driven From Home (1927)
Whole Town’s Talking, The (1926) …. Ethel Simmons
Ladies at Play (1926) …. Dotty
… aka Loose Ankles (1926)
Honeymoon Express, The (1926) …. Becky
Hands Up! (1926) …. Alice Woodstock
North Star (1925) …. Marcia Gale
Handsome Brute, The (1925) …. Nelly Egan
Headlines (1925) …. ‘Bobby’ Dale
Lilies of the Streets (1925) …. Judith Lee

Virginia Lee Corbin, Silent Film Star

Silent film child star Virginia Lee Corbin, all grown up

Cloud Rider, The (1925) …. Blythe Wingate
Three Keys (1925) …. Edna Trevor
Chorus Lady, The (1924) …. Nora O’Brien
Broken Laws (1924) …. Patsy Heath (age 16)
City That Never Sleeps, The (1924) …. Molly Kendall
Sinners in Silk (1924) …. Flapper
All’s Swell on the Ocean (1924)
Wine of Youth (1924) …. Flapper
Cafe of Fallen Angels, The (1923)
Enemies of Children (1923)
White Dove, The (1920) …. Dorothy Lanyon
Forbidden Room, The (1919) …. Virginia Clark
Fan Fan (1918) …. Fan Fan
Ace High (1918) …. Annette Dupre (child)
Six Shooter Andy (1918) …. Undetermined Child Role
Treasure Island (1918) (as Virginia Corbin) …. Louise Trelawney
Babes in the Woods, The (1917) …. Rose/Gretel
Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp (1917) …. Princess Badr al-badr
Jack and the Beanstalk (1917) …. Virginia/Princess Regina
Modern Jack and the Beanstalk, A (1917)
Three Women of France (1917)
Light of Love, The (1917)
Vengeance of the Dead (1917)
Somebody Lied (1917)
Heart Strings (1917) …. Johanna as a child
Pidgin Island (1916)
Behind Life’s Stage (1916)
Intolerance (1916) (uncredited) …. Child (epilogue)
Castle of Despair, The (1916)
By Conscience’s Eye (1916)


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