Baby Peggy (1918- )

One of the silent era’s most popular child stars, Baby Peggy was born Margaret (“Peggy Jean”) Montgomery on October 26th, 1918 in Merced, California to a show business family. Her father Jack Montgomery was a cowboy and a stuntman in early films, and was the double for cowboy star Tom Mix. At age three Peggy was signed by the Century Film Corporation to appear almost exclusively in their shorts and their feature films, although she was occasionally loaned out for other productions, such as Marshall Neilan’s “Penrod” and “Fools First” (both 1922), or to Universal in the successful feature “The Darling of New York” (1923). Baby Peggy was the silent child star precursor to sound era child star Shirley Temple of the 1930’s; for instance, Peggy made the first film version of “Captain January” in 1924, and Shirley appeared in the remake a decade later. Many of Baby Peggy’s popular comedies were parodies of movies which older stars had made, in which she imaginatively imitated such famous screen actresses as Mary Pickford and Pola Negri. After the advent of sound Peggy appeared in several smaller roles during the 1930’s, and then retired from the screen in 1939.

Peggy was married twice and divorced once. Her second marriage took place in 1954 to Bob Carey, and she had a son named Mark. Most recently she has written a number of interesting autobiographical and biographical books, under the pen name Diana Serra Cary, about early Hollywood history and its child stars, including, “The Hollywood Posse”, “Hollywood’s Children”, and a new biography on Jackie Coogan, entitled “Jackie Coogan: The World’s Boy King: A Biography of Hollywood’s Legendary Child Star”. Her own autobiography “Whatever Happened to Baby Peggy?” was published in 1996. Sadly, like Jackie Coogan, Peggy had most of her earnings depleted by her parents, and she could never recover economically in her later years. This abusive problem was fixed by the “Coogan Law”, passed in the 1930’s, which required that a trust fund be set up for every child actor in America, so that they could have their earnings protected. ~ Copyright © 2004

Baby Peggy’s Silent Films

April Fool (1926) …. Child
Little Red Riding Hood (1925/II)

Baby Peggy - Golden Silents

Helen’s Babies (1924) …. Toddie
Family Secret, The (1924) …. Peggy Holmes
Jack and the Beanstalk (1924)
Captain January (1924) …. Captain January
Poor Kid (1924)
Stepping Some (1924)
Flower Girl, The (1924)

Baby Peggy - Child Silent Movie Star

Our Pet (1924)
Law Forbids, The (1924) …. Peggy
Peg o’ the Mounted (1924)
Such Is Life (1924)
Hansel and Gretel (1923)
Darling of New York, The (1923) (as Baby Peggy Montgomery) …. Santussa
Miles of Smiles (1923)
Hollywood (1923) …. Cameo appearance
… aka Joligud (1923)
Nobody’s Darling (1923)
Carmen, Jr. (1923)
Taking Orders (1923)
Kid Reporter, The (1923)
Sweetie (1923)
Peg o’ the Movies (1923)
Tips (1922)
Fools First (1922)
Penrod (1922)
Little Rascal, The (1922)
Peggy, Behave! (1922)
Little Miss Mischief (1922)
Circus Clowns (1922)
Straphanger, The (1922)
Chums (1921)
Teddy’s Goat (1921)
Get-Rich-Quick Peggy (1921)
Brownie’s Baby Doll (1921)
Muddy Bride, A (1921)
Week Off, A (1921)
Sea Shore Shapes (1921)
Brownie’s Little Venus (1921)
Golfing (1921)
Clean Up, The (1921)
Third Class Male (1921)
Pals (1921)
On Account (1921)
Playmates (1921)
Kid’s Pal, The (1921)
On with the Show (1921)
Her Circus Man (1921)

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