Snub Pollard (1889-1962)

A pale, serious countenance, and a dark, droopy mustache characterized silent film comedian Harry “Snub” Pollard. Born Harold Fraser in Melbourne, Australia, on November 9th, 1889, he joined a vaudeville troupe which toured the United States circa 1910. The troupe broke up and Harry decided to stay, calling himself “Snub Pollard” as a stage name. He began his film career at Essanay in 1911, and briefly worked with Mack Sennett and his Keystone Kops and with Charlie Chaplin. Snub’s sister was comedy film actress Daphne Pollard, who also came to America to make comedy film shorts. Hal Roach took an interest in Snub and in 1915 had him co-starring with stars Harold Lloyd and Bebe Daniels in Harold’s successful “Lonesome Luke” series. In 1919 Snub tried his hand at his own solo comedy career, making one and two-reelers. Many of these films co-starred a pretty ingenue actress named Marie Mosquini who played Snub’s love interest, and were directed successfully by Charley Chase. Snub also continued to make comedy appearances in the theater as his time permitted. In 1926 his own film production company closed, and he was back supporting other top comedians again, most notably Laurel & Hardy and Andy Clyde. Snub had no problems appearing in sound films. During the 1930’s and 1940’s he played many small character roles in talking pictures, one highlight being his performance as “Pee Wee”, second banana to cowboy star Tex Ritter in a series of westerns. Snub continued appearing in films until his death on January 19th, 1962 from cancer.

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Snub Pollard’s Silent Films

Men About Town (1928)
Once Over (1928)
Bum’s Rush, The (1927)
All Wet (1926)
Fire (1926)
Doughboy, The (1926)
Old Warhorse, The (1926)
L’aw and Order (1924)
Get Buoy (1924)
Why Marry? (1924)
Trouble Brewing (1924)
Big Idea, The (1924)

Snub Pollard and Marie Mosquini

Snub Pollard with Marie Mosquini in “Jack Frost” (1923)

Jack Frost (1923)
Sold at Auction (1923)
Tough Winter, A (1923)
Wait for Me (1923)
Fully Insured (1923)
It’s a Boy (1923)
Join the Circus (1923)
It’s a Gift (1923) …. Pollard
Walkout, The (1923)
Mystery Man, The (1923)
Courtship of Miles Sandwich, The (1923) …. John Alldone
California or Bust (1923)
Dig Up (1923)
Dumb Bell, The (1922)
Hale and Hearty (1922)
Punch the Clock (1922)
Strictly Modern (1922)
Anvil Chorus, The (1922)
Bow-Wows, The (1922)
Hot Off the Press (1922)
Pardon Me (1922)
Down & Out (1922)
Stage Struck (1922)
Years to Come (1922)
At the Ringside (1921)
Joy Rider, The (1921)
Movies, The (1921)
Spot Cash (1921)
Name the Day (1921)
Fresh Paint (1920)
Run ‘Em Ragged (1920)
His Royal Slyness (1920) …. Prince of Rochquefort
All Lit Up (1920)
Looking for Trouble (1919)
From Hand to Mouth (1919) …. The Kidnapper
Captain Kidd’s Kids (1919) …. The Valet
Bumping Into Broadway (1919) …. Stage Manager
Start Something (1919)
Pay Your Dues (1919)
Heap Big Chief (1919)
Chop Suey & Co. (1919)
Count Your Change (1919) (as Harry Pollard) …. Billy Bullion
Just Neighbors (1919) …. The Neighbor
Billy Blazes, Esq. (1919) (as Harry Pollard)
Spring Fever (1919)
Off the Trolley (1919)
Pistols for Breakfast (1919)
Ring Up the Curtain (1919) …. The Leading Man
Just Dropped In (1919)
Sammy In Siberia, A (1919)
Look Out Below (1919) …. Snub
I’m on My Way (1919)
On the Fire (1919) …. The Assistant Chef
… aka Chef, The (1919)
Ask Father (1919)
Going! Going! Gone! (1919) …. Snub
Back to the Woods (1918/I)
Hello Teacher (1918) (as Harry Pollard)
She Loves Me Not (1918)
Hear ‘Em Rave (1918)
Why Pick on Me? (1918) (as Harry Pollard) …. Harry Ham
Swing Your Partners (1918)
Two Scrambled (1918)
City Slicker, The (1918) …. Snub
Two-Gun Gussie (1918)
Non-Stop Kid, The (1918)
Kicked Out (1918)
Big Idea, The (1918)
Tip, The (1918)
Bashful (1917)
We Never Sleep (1917)
All Aboard (1917)
Clubs Are Trump (1917)
Flirt, The (1917)
Love, Laughs and Lather (1917)
Rainbow Island (1917)
Bliss (1917)
Birds of a Feather (1917)
Lonesome Luke Loses Patients (1917)
Lonesome Luke’s Wild Women (1917)
Lonesome Luke, Mechanic (1917)
Lonesome Luke, Messenger (1917)
Stop! Luke! Listen! (1917)
Lonesome Luke, Plumber (1917)
… aka Lonesome Luke’s Plumbing Mishaps (1917)
… aka Luke’s Plumbing Blunders (1917)
Lonesome Luke’s Honeymoon (1917)
Lonesome Luke on Tin Can Alley (1917) …. Cafe Waiter
Lonesome Luke’s Lively Life (1917)
Luke Wins Ye Ladye Faire (1917)
Lonesome Luke, Lawyer (1917)
Luke’s Trolley Troubles (1917)
Luke’s Busy Day (1917)
Luke’s Lost Liberty (1917)
Luke’s Shattered Sleep (1916)
Luke Locates the Loot (1916)
… aka Luke Locates the Lute (1916)
Luke’s Fireworks Fizzle (1916)
Luke, Rank Impersonator (1916)
Luke’s Movie Muddle (1916)
… aka Cinema Director, The (1916) (USA: video title)
… aka Director of the Cinema (1916)
… aka Luke’s Model Movie (1916)
Luke’s Newsie Knockout (1916)
Luke, Patient Provider (1916)
Luke, the Gladiator (1916)
Luke’s Preparedness Preparations (1916)
Luke, the Chauffeur (1916)
Luke and the Bang-Tails (1916)
Luke’s Speedy Club Life (1916) …. Bellhop
Luke and the Mermaids (1916)
Luke Joins the Navy (1916)
Luke Does the Midway (1916)
Luke’s Lost Lamb (1916)
Luke, Crystal Gazer (1916)
Luke Rides Roughshod (1916)
Luke’s Washful Waiting (1916)
Luke’s Society Mixup (1916)
Luke’s Fatal Flivver (1916)
Luke Laughs Last (1916)
Luke’s Late Lunchers (1916)
Luke and the Bomb Throwers (1916)
Luke’s Double (1916)
Lonesome Luke, Circus King (1916)
Luke Pipes the Pippins (1916)
Luke and the Rural Roughnecks (1916)
Luke Foils the Villain (1916)
Luke, the Candy Cut-Up (1916)
Lonesome Luke Lolls in Luxury (1916)
… aka Luke Rolls in Luxury (1916)
Luke Lugs Luggage (1916)
Lonesome Luke Leans to the Literary (1916)
… aka Luke Leans to the Literary (1916)
His Regeneration (1915) …. Extra
Lonesome Luke, Social Gangster (1915)
… aka Social Gangster (1915)
Peculiar Patients’ Pranks (1915)
Foozle at the Tee Party, A (1915) (as Harry Pollard)
Ragtime Snap Shots (1915)
Great While It Lasted (1915)
Bughouse Bellhops (1915)
Giving Them Fits (1915)
By the Sea (1915) (uncredited) …. Refreshment stand clerk
… aka Charlie by the Sea (1915) (USA)
… aka Charlie’s Day Out (1915)


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