Harold Lloyd (1893-1971)

Harold Lloyd, Silent Film Star - The Glasses Character, colorized www.goldensilents.com   Harold Lloyd, Silent Film Star - colorized www.goldensilents.com

One of the silent screen’s most popular comedians, Harold Lloyd was born Harold Clayton Lloyd in Burchard, Nebraska, on April 20th, 1893. His parents separated when Harold was young, and he eventually went to live with his father. Harold was a bright, imaginative boy, and yearned to be an actor from a young age. He was educated in Omaha, Denver, and received theater training at the School of Dramatic Arts in San Diego. He appeared for a time with the Omaha Stock Company.

While in San Diego the Lloyds discovered that the Edison film company was looking for extras, and Harold applied for a job, getting his start in films dressed as indian in 1913’s “The Old Monk’s Tale.” Harold went on to make over 200 comedy shorts for studios such as Universal and Keystone. He became friends with Hal Roach, who also started in films as a bit player, and when Roach inherited money the two friends began their own studio named Rolin, making their own pictures, with Harold as the star performer. Harold created a character called “Lonesome Luke” which was popular with the public, but after playing Luke for several years he began to feel his screen character needed a change of direction. In 1917 Harold created a new character called the Glasses character. This character was far more defined than the Luke character and employed more difficult, dare-devil stunts; he was an energetic, positive and clever young man who usually fought against great odds and circumstances to win the girl of his heart, which in his early years was most often Bebe Daniels or Mildred Davis, Harold’s future wife. This Glasses character resonated with the public, and soon Harold Lloyd’s films were eagerly anticipated and attended by audiences everywhere.

Harold Lloyd’s most creative and successful period came between 1919 and 1928 with films such as “From Hand To Mouth” (1919), “An Eastern Westerner” (1920), and his first features “A Sailor-Made Man” (1921) and “Grandma’s Boy” (1922), in addition to his classics “Why Worry?” (1923), his first film co-starring lovely leading lady Jobyna Ralston, “Safety Last!” (1923), “Girl Shy” (1924), “The Freshman” (1925), and “The Kid Brother” (1927). In 1920 a freak accident with a supposed prop bomb which turned out to be real caused Harold Lloyd to lose the thumb and forefinger on his right hand. Shaken, at first Harold wondered whether he could continue as an actor. However where there is a will there is a way, and Harold had a prosthetic device created, and wore a flesh-colored glove in his future films to mask the crippled hand from his audiences.

Harold Lloyd and Harold Lloyd, Jr.

Harold Lloyd and son Harold Lloyd Jr.

Harold married his leading lady Mildred Davis in 1923 and Mildred gave up her career as an actress to raise a family; the couple had three children, a daughter Gloria, an adopted daughter Peggy, and a son Harold Lloyd Jr. Harold built a fabulous home for Mildred and the children called Greenacres, which was one of the showplace homes of early Hollywood. Harold Lloyd’s personal, family and professional life was far more stable than his main competitors’, Charles Chaplin and Buster Keaton. He had left Hal Roach in 1923 on good terms and had formed his own company called The Harold Lloyd Corporation; he was one of the few stars who actually owned his most successful film properties. In 1928 Harold published his own autobiography entitled An American Comedy.” When the sound era arrived Harold continued to make interesting comedies such as “Movie Crazy” (1932) and “The Milky Way” (1936), but his film career was winding down as he aged and as the public’s tastes in films changed. Harold continued to be involved with the industry off screen as a producer, writer and director, and he enjoyed experimenting with different hobbies and businesses, including 3-D color photography. He briefly reappeared as an actor in one last film made in 1947 and retitled “Mad Wednesday” (released 1950). In 1962 Harold made a documentary film called “Harold Lloyd’s World of Comedy” which created new interest in his work. He enjoyed touring on college campuses during the 1960’s, showing his 1920’s silent classics to a new generation of film fans. In 1969 his beloved wife Mildred died from a heart attack, and Harold died two years later from prostate cancer, on March 8th, 1971 in Beverly Hills, California. Only three months later his son Harold Lloyd Jr., who had been an actor himself, died from the effects of a massive stroke. Today the Harold Lloyd Trust continues restoration of Harold’s films, introducing these comedy gems to new audiences. ~ Copyright © 2004 www.goldensilents.com

To download a vintage biography of Harold Lloyd from 1924’s “Blue Book Of The Screen”, please click HERE (267 kb)

Harold Lloyd’s Silent Films

Speedy (1928) …. Harold ‘Speedy’ Swift
Kid Brother, The (1927) …. Harold Hickory
For Heaven’s Sake (1926) …. J. Harold Manners aka Uptown Boy
Ben-Hur (1925) (uncredited) …. Crowd extra in chariot race
… aka Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ (1925)
Freshman, The (1925) …. Harold ‘Speedy’ Lamb
… aka College Days (1925) (UK)
Hot Water (1924) …. Hubby

Jobyna Ralston and Harold Lloyd

Harold Lloyd and his leading lady Jobyna Ralston

Girl Shy (1924) …. Harold Meadows
Why Worry? (1923) …. Harold Van Pelham
Safety Last! (1923) …. Harold Lloyd
Doctor Jack (1922) …. Dr. Jackson of Magnolia Meadows
… aka Dr. Jack (1922)

Grandma’s Boy (1922) …. Sonny, The Boy/Granddaddy
Sailor-Made Man, A (1921) …. The Boy
Never Weaken (1921) …. The Boy
I Do (1921) …. The Boy
Among Those Present (1921) …. O’Reilly, The Boy
Now or Never (1921) …. The Boy
Number, Please? (1920) …. The Boy
Get Out and Get Under (1920) …. The Boy
High and Dizzy (1920) …. The Boy
Eastern Westerner, An (1920) …. The Boy
Haunted Spooks (1920) …. The Boy
His Royal Slyness (1920) …. The American Boy

Babe Ruth and Harold Lloyd

Babe Ruth with Harold Lloyd

From Hand to Mouth (1919) …. The Boy
Captain Kidd’s Kids (1919) …. The Boy
His Only Father (1919)
Bumping Into Broadway (1919) …. The Boy
Pay Your Dues (1919)
Count the Votes (1919)
Soft Money (1919)
He Leads, Others Follow (1919)
Rajah, The (1919)
Don’t Shove (1919) …. Harold
Heap Big Chief (1919)
Be My Wife (1919)
Chop Suey & Co. (1919)
Count Your Change (1919)
Jazzed Honeymoon, A (1919)
Never Touched Me (1919)
At the Old Stage Door (1919)
Just Neighbors (1919) …. The Boy
Billy Blazes, Esq. (1919)
Spring Fever (1919)
Off the Trolley (1919)
Swat the Crook (1919)
Pistols for Breakfast (1919)

Scared of heights? - Harold Lloyd isn't.

Marathon, The (1919)
Before Breakfast (1919/I)
Si, Senor (1919)
Ring Up the Curtain (1919) …. The Stage Hand
Crack Your Heels (1919)
Young Mr. Jazz (1919)
Just Dropped In (1919)
Sammy In Siberia, A (1919)
Next Aisle Over (1919)
Dutiful Dub, The (1919)
Look Out Below (1919) …. The Boy
I’m on My Way (1919)
On the Fire (1919) …. The Chef
… aka Chef, The (1919)
Ask Father (1919)
Going! Going! Gone! (1919)
Wanted – $5,000 (1919)
Back to the Woods (1918/I)
She Loves Me Not (1918)
Take a Chance (1918)
Hear ‘Em Rave (1918)
Nothing But Trouble (1918)
Why Pick on Me? (1918)
Bees in His Bonnet (1918)
Swing Your Partners (1918)
Two Scrambled (1918)
Bride and Gloom (1918) …. Groom
That’s Him (1918)
Kicking the Germ Out of Germany (1918)
Ozark Romance, An (1918)
Are Crooks Dishonest? (1918)
Somewhere in Turkey (1918)
Sic ‘Em, Towser (1918)
City Slicker, The (1918) …. Harold
Fireman Save My Child (1918)
Two-Gun Gussie (1918) …. Two-Gun Gussie
Non-Stop Kid, The (1918)
Kicked Out (1918)
Hey There! (1918)
It’s a Wild Life (1918)
Pipe the Whiskers (1918) …. Janitor
Follow the Crowd (1918)
Let’s Go (1918) …. Soda jerk
Here Come the Girls (1918)
Look Pleasant, Please (1918)
Gasoline Wedding, A (1918)
Beat It (1918)
Hit Him Again (1918)
Lamb, The (1918)
Big Idea, The (1918)
Tip, The (1918)
Lonesome Luke’s Lovely Rifle (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
Step Lively (1917)
Bashful (1917)
Move On (1917) …. Chester Fields
We Never Sleep (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
All Aboard (1917)
Clubs Are Trump (1917)
Flirt, The (1917)
Love, Laughs and Lather (1917)
Rainbow Island (1917)
Lonesome Luke From London to Laramie (1917)
Bliss (1917)
Birds of a Feather (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
By the Sad Sea Waves (1917)
Pinched (1917)
Lonesome Luke Loses Patients (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
Over the Fence (1917)
Lonesome Luke’s Wild Women (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
Lonesome Luke, Mechanic (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
Lonesome Luke, Messenger (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
Stop! Luke! Listen! (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
Lonesome Luke, Plumber (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
… aka Lonesome Luke’s Plumbing Mishaps (1917)
… aka Luke’s Plumbing Blunders (1917)
Lonesome Luke’s Honeymoon (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
Lonesome Luke on Tin Can Alley (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
Lonesome Luke’s Lively Life (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke Wins Ye Ladye Faire (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
Lonesome Luke, Lawyer (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke’s Trolley Troubles (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
Drama’s Dreadful Deal (1917)
Luke’s Busy Day (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke’s Lost Liberty (1917) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke’s Shattered Sleep (1916) …. Luke
Luke Locates the Loot (1916) …. Luke
… aka Luke Locates the Lute (1916)
Luke’s Fireworks Fizzle (1916) …. Luke
Luke, Rank Impersonator (1916) …. Luke
Luke’s Movie Muddle (1916) …. Luke
… aka Cinema Director, The (1916) (USA: video title)
… aka Director of the Cinema (1916)
… aka Luke’s Model Movie (1916)
Luke’s Newsie Knockout (1916) …. Luke
Luke, Patient Provider (1916) …. Luke
Luke, the Gladiator (1916) …. Lonesome Lukius, Gladiator
Luke’s Preparedness Preparations (1916) …. Luke
Luke, the Chauffeur (1916) …. Luke
Luke and the Bang-Tails (1916) …. Luke
Luke’s Speedy Club Life (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke and the Mermaids (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke Joins the Navy (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke Does the Midway (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke’s Lost Lamb (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke, Crystal Gazer (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke Rides Roughshod (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke’s Washful Waiting (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke’s Society Mixup (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke’s Fatal Flivver (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke Laughs Last (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke’s Late Lunchers (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke and the Bomb Throwers (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Them Was the Happy Days! (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke’s Double (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Lonesome Luke, Circus King (1916)
Luke Pipes the Pippins (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke and the Rural Roughnecks (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke Foils the Villain (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Luke, the Candy Cut-Up (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Lonesome Luke Lolls in Luxury (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
… aka Luke Rolls in Luxury (1916)
Luke Lugs Luggage (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
Lonesome Luke Leans to the Literary (1916) …. Lonesome Luke
… aka Luke Leans to the Literary (1916)
Hogan’s Romance Upset (1915)
One Night Stand, A (1915)
Lonesome Luke, Social Gangster (1915) …. Lonesome Luke
… aka Social Gangster (1915)
Peculiar Patients’ Pranks (1915) …. Lonesome Luke
Ruses, Rhymes and Roughnecks (1915) …. Lonesome Luke
Foozle at the Tee Party, A (1915) …. Lonesome Luke
Ragtime Snap Shots (1915) …. Lonesome Luke
Great While It Lasted (1915) …. Lonesome Luke
Tinkering with Trouble (1915) …. Lonesome Luke aka Easy Otis
Submarine Pirate, A (1915)
Bughouse Bellhops (1915) …. Lonesome Luke
Giving Them Fits (1915) …. Luke de Fluke
Fresh from the Farm (1915) …. Lonesome Luke
Some Baby (1915) …. Lonesome Luke
Mixup for Mazie, A (1915) …. Lonesome Luke
Terribly Stuck Up (1915) …. Lonesome Luke
Pressing His Suit (1915/I)
Soaking the Clothes (1915)
Spit-Ball Sadie (1915) …. Lonesome Luke
Once Every Ten Minutes (1915)
Hungry Actors, The (1915)
… aka Into the Light (1915) (USA)
Court House Crooks (1915) (uncredited) …. Young Man
Lonesome Luke (1915) …. Lonesome Luke
Miss Fatty’s Seaside Lovers (1915) …. A suitor
From Italy’s Shore (1915)
Their Social Splash (1915)
… aka Social Splash (1915) (USA)
Love, Loot and Crash (1915) (uncredited) …. Bit Part
Just Nuts (1915) …. Willie Work
Curses! They Remarked (1914)
Patchwork Girl of Oz, The (1914) (uncredited) …. Tottenhot
… aka L. Frank Baum’s Whimsical Fairy Tale The Patchwork Girl of Oz (1914)
… aka Ragged Girl of Oz (1918) (reissue title)
… aka Raggedy Girl, The (1919) (reissue title)
Samson (1914) (uncredited) …. Chief Eunuch
Sealed Orders (1914)
Twixt Love and Fire (1914)
Algy on the Force (1913)
His Chum the Baron (1913)
Hulda of Holland (1913)
Twelfth Juror, The (1913)
Hide and Seek (1913)
Cupid in the Dental Parlor (1913)
… aka Love in the Dental Parlor (1913) (USA: preview title)
Old Monk’s Tale, The (1913) …. Yaqui Indian (bit part)

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