Eleanor Boardman (1898-1991)

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Message Board Eleanor Boardman was born on August 19th, 1898 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvannia and attended an art school, before leaving for New York as a […]

Clara Bow (1905-1965)

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“The Brooklyn Bonfire” ~ “The It Girl” The first real screen flapper of the 1920’s, Clara Bow (nicknamed “The It Girl” – “It” meaning sex […]

Leatrice Joy (1893-1985)

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Now here is one unique, luminous actress from the silent era who should be far better remembered than she is today. The surviving silent films […]

John Bunny (1863-1915)

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Born in New York City on September 21st, 1863, John Bunny was the son of an English navy captain and attended St. James High School […]

Chester Conklin (1886-1971)

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What a funny, funny fellow, he always makes me laugh. Silent film comedian Chester Conklin was born Chester Cooper Conklin on January 11th, 1886 in […]

John Bowers (1893-1936)

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“A Star Was Born – And Then He Died” One of my own personal favorite silent movie stars, John Bowers was born on Christmas Day […]

Pearl White (1889-1938)

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Silent film star Pearl White was born Pearl Fay White in Green Ridge, Missouri on March 4th, 1889. She was one of five children born […]

Ben Turpin (1874-1940)

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Just look at that face! How could one not laugh? Silent film clown Ben Turpin was born Bernard Turpin in New Orleans, Louisiana on September […]

Theda Bara (1890-1955)

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The woman who was the epitomé of the “vamp” persona in cinema history, Theda Bara, was born Theodosia Goodman in Cincinnati, Ohio on July 29th, […]