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  Golden Silents - Favorite Links
Love silent films and want to learn more about them? Here are some favorite silent film links.
General Educational Web Sites- websites designed and run by dedicated people who aren't selling you anything. Neat, huh? 

The Silent Film Still Archive - a very useful site, with lots of unique still photographs, a studio by studio code list for vintage stills, and more

Unsung Divas Of the Silent Screen - lots of lovely photos and bios of some of the popular female stars of the silent era

The Silent Film Bookshelf - one of my personal favorites, lots of vintage articles reproduced for you to read and enjoy

D.W. Griffith - biographical information on film pioneer and director D.W. Griffith

Edison's Motion Pictures - from the Library of Congress' American Memory project, info on Thomas Edison as film pioneer, includes video clips

Cecil B. DeMille Biography - biography of one of the most creative film directors of the silent era

Gilda's Blue Book of the Screen - articles, song files, and links to star pages and other useful information

Intertitle-O-Rama - a list of funny title cards from the silents; sure to have you laughing like a hyena within five seconds

The Silent Western - educational essays and photographs 

Early Cinema - an introduction to the first films and their creators, a timeline of inventions, essays, other resources

The Biograph Camera - from the site of the Society of Camera Operators, description of the camera used by Billy Bitzer, D.W. Griffith's cameraman

Hollywood Studio Tour - lots of recent photographs of what remains from original Hollywood studios from the silent days

America At Work, America At Leisure - from the LoC, a reading room and video presentations of early films from 1894 to 1915 

SILENT STAR WEBSITES - if you have a nice website devoted to a silent star, please email me for reciprocal links!

Karl Dane - the wonderful character and comic silent actor Karl Dane needs more exposure. My friend Laura is providing it, writing a book on his life and hosting a wonderful website in his memory. If he could have only known how much people loved him!

Buster Keaton - the International Damfino Society has a superb website devoted to the genius of silent film comedian Buster Keaton

Mary Pickford - Our Best Girl, America's Sweetheart, Mary Pickford is profiled here; special emphasis is given to her delightful film "My Best Girl"

Mabel Normand - much loved early silent film comedian Mabel Normand is featured here, with biography and lots of pictures

Raymond Griffith - a bio and pictures on the Silent Film Still Archive for silent film comedian Raymond Griffith

Norma Talmadge - a well done website about one of the best, but often neglected, silent screen actresses of the teens and twenties, Norma Talmadge

The Laurel and Hardy Society - yes, Laurel and Hardy got their start in silent films and were enormously popular in them. If all you've seen is their sound films together you've missed 1001 laughs - or even 1002 laughs. Here is your start to learn more and increase your life's laughter quotient.

Louise Brooks Society - learn about one of the premiere silent film 'sirens' of the 1920's, Louise Brooks

Charley Chase - website devoted to a very very funny guy! one of my favorites from the silent era, Charley Chase. They don't make 'em like Charley anymore!

~ more to come ~